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Jury Duty & after 6 years, I changed my default user pic...

So I had to report for jury duty this morning.... And as expected, BIG boss was not too happy about me having to miss another day of work - especially after I just got back from NYC. :P And really, I know it's a bad time with the market and all, but I didn't choose this... :P

I was excused, and didn't make the 12 selected jurors or the alternate. Throughout the proceedings, though I found everything so fascinating to watch. I was almost disappointed that I didn't have to serve.

And after 6 years of owning this LJ, I finally changed my default user picture from


to this:

Kinda saddens me to take Sydney off my journal... but I know she'll always be a part of my life... 6 years was a long time to have the same default user photo, but I would always smile when I opened LJ and saw Sydney staring back at me. But I guess Cooper deserves the place of honor now and sad as it may be, I think I'm moving on (doesn't mean I'm forgetting,... but I think I can move on now...)

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