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Yummy gourmet burgers!

On Friday afternoon, Mark sent me the link to a musubi place on King Street called Mana Bu's which is supposed to have the best musubis (rice balls) in town. We decided to go and try it on Saturday since we both LOVE musubis with a passion!

Unfortunately, due to all the press coverage that it's had recently, the line was literally out the door and onto the street yesterday... :( So we decided to head out to Kapahulu and try a gourmet burger place (Burgers on the Edge) which we've also been meaning to try. :)

Burgers on the Edge is a create-your-own burger place with tons of interesting ingredients and condiment heaven for folks like us! It was A LOT of food, but very delicious!! :)

Here's what I ordered:

My veggie version of the ultimate burger: On chibatta bread, portabello mushroom, fried egg, lettuce, crispy onions, sprouts, and mozzarella cheese -- YUM!! With a side of regular fries... :)

Mark had the burger with sundried tomatoes, crispy onions, lettuce, port mushrooms, and blue cheese. His fries were the special truffle fries, which he loved! :)

Forgive the horrible-ness of the way I look in the photo - it was more for the burger, anyway...

It was all quite good!! I also ordered a side of ranch dressing which went wonderfully with my veggie sandwich! :D I think they've made new fans of us and we'll definitely be back to try other combinations. :)

Yes, it was a far cry from the musubis that we were craving, but it was really a good choice as an alternative. :) The musubis will have to wait until next weekend! :D

And I can't end this post without a Cooper photo... he's getting to be much bigger and won't be the small little puppy he once was anymore... They grow up SO fast!!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!! I'm off to HUG my fuzzy dog!! :)
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