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More Adventures In Food - Musubi Edition! :)

So, after the disappointment last weekend of trying (and failing miserably) to go to Mana Bu's on King Street for what we had heard was the best musubi (rice balls) in town, Mark & I got brave and decided to try again, only this time, earlier. We figured that if they opened at 11am, we should try to get there by at least 10:30am - AND it was storming - who in their right mind would go out in awful weather like that for musubi?? (I mean, besides us, anyway...)

We got there at 10:30am, despite the rain and the traffic and there was already a line out the door and no parking in the lot! :( Mark went around the block twice looking for street parking (we were determined this time to try the famous musubi!) We finally found parking along King Street and walked a block (in the rain) to stand in a long line of folks waiting for a chance to taste the musubi too...

One man in line behind us was from Lanai and had tried to come the week before, but he showed up at 11am and they were already out of stock. The thing about this musubi place is that they handmake a quantity of musubis, and once they sell out, they close for the day. The shop is own and run by a couple from Japan - and anyone familiar with Japanese culture will tell you - the Japanese love to make small quanities of really good food, rather than mass quantities of mediocre food.

So we stood in line and got to know some of the people around us... One lady had come on Friday, but was disappointed to reach the inside of the store, only to find that everything had been sold out by the people standing in line in front of her... It was a neat experience. Everyone talked and shared missed-musubi opportunity stories. :)

When we finally got INSIDE the store we saw that there was one line that snaked from the register to the musubis, out the door. There were three shelves of musubis, a refridgerated case of stuff, and the register inside - that's all there was. People stood patiently in line even after making it into the store. If you were in line, but couldn't reach the musubi you wanted, you'd have to wait...

So by the time we got in the door, the entire first shelf display of musubi was sold out... that was the yaki musubi, and all the regular white rice varieties of the flavors. We were encouraged to see some still left on the brown rice and 10 grain rice shelf, though... :)

Thankfully we were able to try several varieties of musubi and I even got to try some tsukemono type stuff in the last refridgerated case, but there are so many things that sold out even before we got there that we want to go back to try.

Here are some photos of our experiences! :)

Mark and I waiting outside Mana Bu's at about 10:45am... They were already selling out...

I was so thrilled to get a chance to try the musubis!!!
(Excuse the awful photo of me - I was walking and standing in the rain - my hair was toast by then!!)

Mark with his basket FULL of musubi!!

First, the Konbu 10 Grain Musubi was delicious!! At first I was a little disappointed that the regular white rice Konbu Musubi was all sold out, but I enjoyed the 10 Grain variety... It added a sort of nutty flavor to the rice which I liked. :)

This was the Veggie Curry Pilaf Musubi which I really think ended up being my favorite. It was VERY tasty, but not over-powering on the curry flavor. Plus it had peas, carrots, and corn in it, which I loved. :)

This was one of the specials today. It was a musubi made with sweet rice (mochi rice) with peas and sesame. :) Quite good, but a little too subtle in flavor after eating the veggie curry one above.

And finally the Shiso-Wakame 10 Grain Musubi. Very tasty and filled with flavor. :) I really liked it, even though the veggie curry is still my favorite. :)

I also bought this curry macaroni, potato, and edamame salad. YUM!! I must get this again! It was way too good! Again the curry was very tasty, but not overpowering, which was so nice!!

Finally, I bought this tsukemono thingy which was the special of the day. It was white squash in ume and shisho. SOOOO yummy!!

Quite a good musubi experience! Next weekend Mark & I are going to the Halekulani Hotel with the in laws for brunch - so THAT will be our food experience next weekend. :) It's kind of nice to do this every weekend,... it allows Mark & I to spend some nice time together doing what we both love to do -- eat!! :)
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