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My last LA trip of the year...

After going back and forth about going vs. not going - using my cancelled trip vs letting my FF miles go... I finally decided to go to LA over the November 15th weekend to see some shows and to attend the Ovation Awards. :)

It's been a while since I've been to LA and it looks like it'll be a while before I go back again after this... I do want to head out in February to see CTG's "Pippin", but other than that, with trips coming up to NYC in April (for VERY non-theatre reasons...) and a cruise in March (non-theatre too), it's becoming increasingly hard for me to just fly out to LA for a weekend like I used to. :P

So far, this is how my upcoming theatre schedule looks on my Nov 15th trip:

Saturday, Nov 15th (eve): How Cissy Grew - which stars Stewart Calhoun (who I loved in "Thrill Me" this past year) :)
Sunday, Nov 16th (mat): I'm thinking maybe Happy Days at La Mirada (a couple of people I know are in it... but we'll see)
Sunday, Nov 16th (eve): Silk Stockings at Carpenters' Center in Long Beach. :) (So many people I want to see in this!)
Monday, Nov 17th (eve): The Ovation Awards (it's a tradition, after all!) :)

Since I'm kind of out of the LA theatre loop lately, if anyone knows of any other show that I should be looking into that weekend, please let me know! :)
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