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Adventures in Food - Chocolate Edition. :)

On Sunday, Mark & I went to Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki to have bunch with the inlaws. It was a belated birthday celebration for Mark (whose birthday was in July!!) Generally the food at the Halekulani is all VERY good with a lot of veggie options that I can choose from. :)

What I really like about their buffet, though is their selection of desserts, more specifically, their chocolate desserts - so this is what I focused on this time. :)

This was a dark chocolate, and caramel tart - which was delicious!
The dark chocolate was VERY rich and had a creamy, almost silky texture. NIIIICE! :)

This was marked as "Traditional Chocolate Cake" , but it was just delicious!
Call me simple, but this was my favorite dessert on the buffet line! :)
The chocolate on this was just perfect and the cake was so moist!! :)

This photo was taken of the hotel's homemade ice cream. I chose the chocolate
(of course!) and added macadamia nuts, chocolate shavings, and fresh strawberries. :) YUM!

This was a tall glass of pudding / chocolate mousse - which was VERY good. :)
You can see the white chocolate decorative "Halekulani" ad in the center. ;)
VERY delicious and pretty to look at. ;)

Of course, no Food Adventure is complete without a picture of the two of us,
happy, VERY full, and content. ;) (And undoubtedly, several pounds heavier!) ;)

Hope you all have a nice election week!! :) HUGS!!
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