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Adventures in Food: Musubi - part 2!

So, we went back to Mana Bu to try to see if we could get there earlier and try some of the things that were sold out the last time we were there. Instead of going at 10:30, like we'd done before, we arrived at 10am and were the first in line! :)

Here are some of the different things we got to try this time:

This was the sweet potato and macadamia nut salad - SOOO yummy!!

The teriyaki grilled corn was especially good!! They must soak the
corn overnight because the flavor of the teri sauce goes down to the cobb! :)

The fresh strawberry mochi!! It was delicious - though I do think
that I prefer the strawberry mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen in Hilo more...

The inside view of the strawberry mochi. :) The strawberry is covered with ahn
and then wrapped in the sweet mochi. :)

This is the inside of the apple banana mochi which I liked more than the strawberry!
The banana is covered with a white ahn and wrapped in sweet mochi. This I would
get again - this ended up being one of my favorite items I've gotten from Mana Bu!!

This was my other favorite thing - their steamed vegan muffin - this one was chocolate
chip!! It was DELICIOUS!! At first the texture seemed a bit weird - chewy and a little
more dry than I expected, but after a few bites, I was hooked!! The taste was wonderful
and the light chewiness gave it a great texture... I definitely want to go back and buy
more of these!!

And of course, we had to take a photo of Mark & I waiting (1st in line!) for
Mana Bu to open. :)

So, we had another great musubi experience (though the thing we didn't get much of this time was actual musubi!) ;)

I'm off to catch up on all of your entries, but before I do, I wanted to leave you with a photo of Cooper (who is getting SOOOO big, lately!)

I've titled this photo "Longing..." ;)

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!! :) HUGS!!!
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