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Adventures in Food - Big City Diner... :)

So, it saddened me just a bit that I was supposed to be in LA this weekend. I would've loved to have seen Stewart's new play at the El Portal and see Nick on stage in Silk Stockings... But I did get to do a lot of web work (I re-uploaded the Chess Benefit Concert site, per Brian's request - so that was a nice surprise!) and I got to spend quality time with Mark and Cooper - which made me certain I made the right decision about passing up my trip!!

I had to stop by my office this morning to pick up a back up computer disk (which contained the archived Chess website) so on our way home, Mark & I stopped at Big City Diner to grab some lunch.

Big City is locally owned and operated and serves mostly diner type food, with a local edge to it (i.e. you can get a burger with kim chee, or kim chee fried rice for breakfast...) :) One of my favorite veggie meals is only served during lunchtime at Big City... the Upcountry Veggie Sandwich. :) YUM!

This is what Mark ordered - the Portebella Mushroom Sandwich - which
I've ordered in the past. Very tasty and very veggie friendly!
It comes with melted mozzarella cheese, roasted bell peppers, and carmelized onions. :)

Here's my Upcountry Veggie Sandwich - it's SOOO delicious! :)
It's like a club, but made with avacados, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cheese,
Japanese cucumbers, and this really delicious corn salsa thing... just YUMMY!!

Mark enjoying his sandwich... I was surprised he opted for the veggie choice...
But he really enjoyed it. :)

Excuse the awful picture, but here I am enjoying my sandwich as well... You
can kind of see the "diner-like" atmosphere behind me. They have checkered
floors with a real old time diner feel to it.. :)

One of the best things on their menu is their desserts! :)
We shared the old fashioned rustic apple pie ala mode...
It came with three scoops of vanilla ice cream, apple pie filling in a
puff pastry shell, with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce...
SOOOOO yummy!!!

I'm not sure that the photo really does the dessert justice... It was
incredible!! :) And HUGE!!

One of the better veggie lunches we've had in a while!! :)

Before I run off to hug my fuzzy dog, I wanted to thank all of you who filled out my Holiday Card Address poll below. If you didn't get the chance to fill it out and would like to receive a holiday newsletter and photo card this year, please see this entry. We'd love to send you one! :)

I'm off to hug my fuzzy puppy!! Big HUGS to all of you! :)
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