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Cooper is actually napping... to take advantage of this time, do I work on websites? On Nuke support cards I promised to do? No... I do a silly theatre meme. :P My thanks and apologies to the person I stole this from. It was so long ago, I can't remember. ;)

List the last 10 things you saw at the theatre in order:

1. 13
2. In The Heights
3. The 39 Steps
4. Idaho!
5. A Tale of Two Cities
6. All My Sons
7. Xanadu
8. Jersey Boys
9. The Marvelous Wonderettes
10. [title of show]

Who was the best performer in number one?

Graham Phillips was a GREAT Evan!!

Why did you go to see number two?

I saw it my first night in the city with Robin and enjoyed it so much, I had to see it again. The cast was EXTRAORDINARY (Especially Karen Olivo and Robin DeJesus!) and the performances were just amazing!! Didn't know if the cast I saw would be intact when I got the chance to go back to NYC, so I had to see it one last time (and a very good thing that I did... Karen Olivo left the cast...)

Can you remember a line/lyric from number three that you liked?

Not a line or a lyric, but I loved the train chase scene - it was amazing!!

What would you give number four out of ten?

Maybe an 8... It was a good new musical - it was funny and entertaining. The performances were wonderful and the humor was VERY tongue in cheek. I think the show will do very well off-broadway! It was certainly the best NYMF show I'd seen during the entire trip, I have to say!

Was there someone hot in number five?

Ahahahaha!!! Yes... Though after all these years of knowing him, I don't feel right about calling Kevin "hot" necessarily... ;) Aaron Lazar does come across quite well on stage as Darnay... But as I've said in my reviews, it seems that (possibly due to the character's reserved nature) he never stood out as being special enough... Kevin Greene is pretty hot... and nice when we talked at the stage door. I told him I didn't know he actually appeared on stage when Darnay was reading those letters... Serves me right for buying all my tickets on the right side of the house! ;)

What was number six about?

A family during the midst of WWII and the grief of a father who was responsible for his oldest son's death - and the relationship he has with his younger son as the facts of his involvement begin to unravel.

Who was your favorite actor in number seven?

Clearly, Cheyenne Jackson! His vapid expressions and his, "I don't get that..." were much too hilarious for words!

What was your favourite bit in number eight?

Gosh, I've seen JB so many times, it's hard to really say... Though I always enjoy the ending monologues the most in any performance.

Would you see number nine again?

I have, ten times "again" to be exact. Two off-broadway and the rest in NoHo. :) I will be seeing it again next month - two more times after that and it'll take Millie's place as my most watched musical of all time. :)

What was the worst thing about number ten?

The knowledge that they were closing and watching their success unfold on the stage was extremely heartbreaking! I cried like the sap that I am throughout the last 15 minutes of the show... And when the jeweled chairs came out onstage - I completely lost it! :(

Which was best?

Different shows for different reasons. The Marvelous Wonderettes because it was so great to see them living out their dreams!! In The Heights because it was just an amazing show with a completely amazing cast!

Which was worst?

I don't think there was a worst (at least not on this list...) If we went through ALL the shows I saw while I was in NYC, I'd have to say that Heaven In Your Pocket (which was a NYMF show) was my least favorite. The second act was much better, but the 1st act was VERY hard to get through... Of this list, the one that I think was my least favorite was All My Sons - the acting was incredible, but maybe I wasn't in the mood for a straight play the night I saw it... It didn't move me like I expected it to...

Did any make you cry?

The Marvelous Wonderettes - for sappy, happy for Bets reasons... A Tale of Two Cities - the scene between Carton and the seamstress always makes me cry, In the Heights - I balled like a baby during the finale (both times!), [title of show] only because of the irony of the situation and how heartbreaking it was that the show was about their success and they just received their closing notice... :(

Did any make you laugh?

All of them did, though probably the most funny were [title of show] and Xanadu (especially Jackie Hoffman's adlib...HYSTERICAL!!)

Which roles would you like to play in any of them?

Hah! None...

Which one did you have best seats for?

Had pretty good seats to all the shows, I was very fortunate. :)

I'm off to actually get some web work done before the cute fuzzy puppy wakes up. ;)

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