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My NYC weekend - part 1: Saturday - Shopping & "The Marvelous Wonderettes"

Wow... the weekend came and went so fast that I barely had the chance to get online and I definitely didn't get to update about all the amazing things that happened during the weekend... This trip is definitely one of my best NYC trips so far!

When I arrived on Saturday, I met up with Jessica and Nicole at our hotel room in SoHo and we took the subway (my very FIRST subway experience!!) to mid-town. There I did some shopping, went to look at the Macy's window displays which were absolutely gorgeous!! :) I'd never really been to NYC during Christmas (my annual mid-January theatre trip is usually too late to see all the holiday decorations...) and it was really just a beautiful sight. :)

I met back up with the girls and we headed to the Westside Theatre to see Bets in The Marvelous Wonderettes. It was my 3rd viewing in NYC of the show (twice on my last visit in September) and my 11th overall viewing. :) Seeing it two more times will bring it to a tie with Thoroughly Modern Millie as my most watched musical ever. :)

This performance of Wonderettes was cute! The Mr. Lee was very timid in Act 1 (which was kind of endearing) he looked almost frightened by all the things going on around him (which I could relate to later in the weekend,.... but more on THAT in another post!) ;) It was cute because I saw him at the bar during intermission, I guess he needed a drink after being pulled on stage! :D And he seemed much more calm in the second act. :) We also noticed that he was leading the audience in a standing ovation for the girls at the curtain call, which I thought was just lovely. :)

Couple things about this performance,... the "Mrs. McPherson" didn't have kleenex so I couldn't see my favorite Betty Jean moment (when Beth takes the tissue and instead of wiping the tears from her eyes, wipes her armpit instead.) I love that part, because it was so different from anything I'd seen at NoHo and must clearly be an acting choice on Beth's part. :)

Another thing... I think Farah Alvin has a gorgeous voice, there's NO mistaking that... But for some unknown reason, I'm not able to get in to her Missy like I feel like I should. I've seen a couple of other Missy's... Kim (who is, and always will be the ultimate Missy for me), and Tami (who was great as well). I think I figured it out as I watching the performance this past weekend... Both Kim and Tami have a vulnerability to them that comes through with their portrayal of Missy that I love. I don't see it so much in Farah's Missy... Not that I don't think she's hysterical, or a great performer, but she hasn't won me over yet as Missy and that surprises me.

Completely counter to that is Victoria - who I LOVE as Cindy Lou (I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Kirsten, of course, but Victoria won me over the first time I saw the show in NYC when she sang "Maybe") She approaches the character with SOOO much vulnerability that it's really, really hard to dislike Cindy Lou. Her portrayal is also rather understanded, which I really like...

Got to see Bets after the show - which is ALWAYS a pleasure! It was FREEZING cold, though waiting at the stage door so the conversation was rather short. She noticed I was wearing the scarf she'd crocheted for me - which I love. :) She seems to have adapted to NYC living quite well and I'm so happy for her. :)

Standing outside the beautiful Macy's Holiday Window Display!

It was freezing outside the theatre!! Sooo NOT Hawaii weather!

With Bets who is always such a pleasure to see. :)

Nicole and Jessica with Bets. :)

I will update more a little later about DDR, and my INCREDIBLE, but mortifying Altar Boyz experience. :) I'm off to do more web work and catch up on all of your entries. :) HUGS!!
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