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"A Very Fuzzy Christmas" Cooper B. Dog :)

In keeping with a Christmas tradition, Cooper has taken over for our dearly departed
Sydney in writing the annual Christmas day post.

A recap of our morning at the in-laws seen through the eyes of our fuzzy puppy. :)

Our Christmas morning began REALLY early at the in-laws. There were lots of sausage
and bacon type smells when we got there, but too bad I wasn't allowed to eat any of it...
Sheri kept trying to give me some of her veggie patty, but BLECH! SOOO not the same! :P

When it came time to open gifts, I made sure I stuck my fuzzy little face inside
each and every bag just to see if it was mine! Sadly, not all of them were for me,...
but I certainly did try! ;)

Here's my gift from the in-laws! A mountain of paper towels
(What do you think they're trying to tell me?) ;) and a cute stuffed lobster toy!! :)

I just loved my lobster, though it didn't taste anything like the real thing... Bleh.

Mark and Sheri were trying all morning to catch me to take some photos, but I refused
to sit still... I'm a busy dog after all, and wrapping paper needs to be chewed, gift
bags need to be sniffed, and table food needs to be begged for... Busy, busy, busy!

But eventually I did stop my puppy duties to pose for a few photos... And I really have
to say that all this holiday merriment does tend to make a puppy VERY exhausted! YAAAAAAAWN!

And so ends my very first Christmas recap of our morning at the in-laws. We're off
in just a bit to do this holiday thing all over again at Sheri's Mom's house - where
I'm told I'll get to meet the neurotic Yuki-dog for the very first time! YIKES! Wish me luck!!
I hope you all have a wonderful day and an amazing holiday season!! :) Big fuzzy *HUGS* to all of you!!
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