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Adventures in food: the catch up post (Giovanni Pastrami)

I've been trying to be good about my healthy eating lately in an attempt to lose my last 10 pounds before my cruise in March, so I won't be going out to eat that much anymore... Mark & I did spend a lot of time in December eating at various really great places (which I never had the chance to really post about...) One place I couldn't NOT mention was Giovanni Pastrami in Waikiki.

In December, Mark & I visited Giovanni Pastrami on the recommendation of one of my co-workers during our overnight stay at the Halekulani Hotel for my work's holiday party. It was one of the best eating suggestions we had in a long time, and Mark ABSOLUTELY loved it!! He said that they have THE BEST corned beef reuben he has EVER tasted!!

Here's a photo of the outside of Giovanni Pastrami - it was sort of a
sports bar type place with TV screens everywhere showing all the various football games.

Here's a photo of Mark's corned beef reuben... it was just dripping with melted cheese.
If I ate meat...

I opted for the thin crust veggie pizza (which had zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, and olives)
It was SOOOOO yummy!!

Here's Mark showing off the goodness of his sandwich. :)

And here I am with my veggie pizza. :)

Oh well, I'm off to do some web work, and try NOT to think of this place as I heat up my lean cuisine frozen cheese pizza. ;) Hope you're all having a nice Sunday. :) HUGS!
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