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Short update from NYC. The COLD & Billy Elliot!

It's FREAKING cold! And I know that I'm not the best at dealing with the cold in any case, but it was SO COLD yesterday. So cold, in fact, that it was almost painful to walk around longer than half an hour in the city! In fact, as we were walking around one of those guys who stand at the corner and pass out comedy club fliers to tourists yelled, "Ouch! I can't feel my balls or my toes!!!" So it must've been harshly cold for NYers as well. But yes, Hawaii people are notorious for not being able to deal effectively with the cold. :P

Last night, Mark & I saw Billy Elliot. It was just AMAZING! I swear, the talent of those young children absolutely blew me away!! We were fortunate to see the cast that included Kiril Kulish as Billy, Frank Dolce as Michael, and Matthew Mindler as small boy. They were INCREDIBLE! Kiril is a gifted, gifted dancer and his acting was touching and very engaging - I enjoyed his portrayal a lot! But Frank Dolce as Michael was possibly my favorite of the cast. He was SOOOO endearing and hilarious as Michael and I just couldn't stop smiling whenever he was on stage. And Matthew Mindler was just the cutest, cutest thing!! I also enjoyed Erin Whyland as Debbie - she was so hilarious!

Gregory Jbara was wonderful as always as the gruff father, but I have loved him since seeing him in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. His performance was especially touching in the second act - which I'll admit, I cried... VERY few actors can make you cry one moment and then break out in hysterical laughter the next... Just wonderful!

The show itself was heartfelt and well staged... The choreography was GORGEOUS and the performances were all superb. It's a shame that my April theatre schedule is so filled, or I would definitely try to see it again. In fact, I still might... We'll see. :)

Today we are off to eat at Say Cheese and then heading to Lincoln Center to see South Pacific! :) I'd heard such great things about it, but never really had the desire to see it... that is until Eric Anderson joined the cast... Now I feel I almost have to see it! :)

Hope you're all having a nice day!! :) Will be back in a bit to share some photos of the trip so far.. HUGS!!

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