Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Stolen from cahwyguy - Thanks, Daniel!! :)

The Meme: “Make a comment in this entry. I'll go to your profile, pick 3 userpics and interests , and then you explain them in your journal.”

cahwyguy picked the following three icons for me:

1. 2. 3.

He also mentioned something about there being a theme to my user photos. ;) Hmmm... wonder what that could be? ;)

1. My icon is of Callum Keith Rennie, a Canadian actor, who I fell in love with from his role as RayK on "due South". This photo is from one of his other films (I believe it's from "Suspicious River") which I have not seen. He has been in many other more mainstream films and TV shows: "Battlestar Gallactica," "Tin Man", "The X Files," etc... and no matter what role it is, I think he's still one of the hottest men in show business today. His sex appeal isn't skin deep, it's something about the way he walks, and talks, and moves, and... well hell, everything!

2. Luke & Noah's very first kiss. This icon was from the groundbreaking kiss a couple of years ago when the Luke & Noah storyline first began. It's ironic that I first saw a clip of it here on LJ... Lauren was the one who introduced me to this lovely couple all the way back then... They are my favorite couple (on daytime, nighttime, any time... I love them) and this moment was not only groundbreaking for them, but was also what first attracted me to the show and to them.

3. Luke & Noah's "do-you-believe-me-kiss" in a recent December episode of ATWT. Luke & Noah fans were cheated in 2007 out of a kiss under the mistletoe during Christmas, because of the whole kissing ban they imposed on the couple... They leaned in to kiss and the camera panned away to the mistletoe and it ruined an otherwise perfect episode for fans of the couple. This past year, they re-created the mistletoe scene and allowed the boys to kiss - which was vindication for fans who felt snubbed the year before. I have it as an icon because it shows how far the couple and hopefully public opinion has come since the icon in #2.

cahwyguy also picked the following three interests for me:

1. black and white photography - I have certainly gotten into the whole digital camera thing within the last few years, but taking a standard film camera with TRI-X or T-MAX and going out and shooting candids or on-the-street PJ stuff is my real love. I don't think any amount of digital photography will change my love for that.

2. gary discarcina - WOW... this is an old interest. I must remember to update my interests. ;) Gary is a baseball player who played for the Angels when I was in college. He was a shortstop and wasn't the baby-faced star like JT Snow, or the rookie star like Tim Salmon, but he worked HARD and played with all his heart (always gave 110%) and I've always thought was one of the most underrated baseball players of his time. He got injured years ago, and never made it back from the farm leagues and eventually retired, or so I understand. Loved him, though - and he was a great guy, too.

3. university of hawaii volleyball - another really old interest! I used to LOVE going to University of Hawaii volleyball games! I had season tickets for years for the Men's team and season tickets one year for the Women's team. I stopped going to games once I bought a house (it was too expensive and too much of my time was taken at games). But I LOVED Curt Vaughan - he was the setter the years I had season tickets. He was an AMAZING setter, but like Gary, was very underrated for his talent. Don't know what happened to Mr. Vaughan, but I adored him!
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