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More LA stuff (Full Monty, Producers, & WOW! Anthony went on as King Charles!)

It's been SO long since I've been here in LA that I'd forgotten how bad the traffic was here! I totally misjudged traffic time from Glendale to Redondo Beach on Friday night and was late for The Full Monty. :P I HATE being late for shows... It annoys me when people walk in after the curtain, and last night, I was one of those people! UGH!

Even with Mr. Blackman's long curtain speech, I was walking to my seat AFTER the overture had started - HOW EMBARASSING! :( Thankfully I didn't miss any of the show!

The Full Monty

This is honestly one show that I have always loved ever since seeing it locally at Diamond Head Theatre. What I love about it is that it's so heartfelt! The cast of this performance was OUTstanding! Michelle Duffy played Georgie the working class wife of Dave (played hysterically by Danny Stiles) and Misty played Vicki, the high class wife of Harold (who was played by August Stoten.) Dave Barrus (who, if you remember from my last LA theatre trip, was supposed to star in Songs from an Unmade Bed at Celebration Theatre, but he was in the audience and not on the stage the night I saw it) played Ethan and Harrison White played "Horse."

Michelle was AMAZING, as always! What I love about all her performances is that she always plays really strong women, but all her strong women have a really well hidden soft side and she portrays the vulnerable side VERY well. I've not seen the MTW production of the show and I'd like to see how Tami played the role. Misty was wonderful, as always, though I wish she had a bigger role in the show. :( Stand outs of the cast were Danny Stiles as Dave - I LOVED his saran wrap scene! And of course, I would've loved to have seen Kevin M as Malcolm but the Malcolm that I did see (Brad Standley) had a nice voice and sang my favorite song of the show "Walk With Me."

Of course the strength of any FM depends on who is cast as Jerry and John Bisom did a great job with the part. I know he did the role before, but I really feel like he had the right combination of nice guy charm and a bit of blue collar ruggedness to make the role work.

Loved seeing Misty and Michelle after the show! It was so great to catch up with the both of them!! Poor Michelle was sick again (which I couldn't believe because she sounded AMAZING!) And Misty & I spoke about how darn busy she is! I got to meet Danny, who I've seen numerous times, but never met and got to speak a long time to Harrison White who told me that he has a lot of friends in Kailua. :)

LOVED the show and LOVED seeing Misty & Michelle. :)

The Producers

I couldn't come all the way to LA and miss seeing one of Steve's shows - so I gave up my Minky's tickets this afternoon and bought tickets to see The Producers at MTW. I'm so glad that I did, because I LOVED it! I always forget just how classy the productions at MTW are until I see another show there. Seriously, I've said it before, but they have the be the best Equity theatre in town!

Michael Kostroff and Larry Raben were Max and Leo, respectively and they were both PERFECT for their roles! I'd never seen Larry on stage before, but he was adorable as Leo!! Both men really made the show. David Engel was hysterical as Roger DuBris (his bio said that he wore high heels for 3 MTW shows and he hopes to continue working for MTW, but maybe next time in flats) ;)

The show itself was very well staged - I'd seen it before locally at Diamond Head Theatre and enjoyed it there, but here the sets were just incredible! LOVED the CPA office scene being just a single line of desks and LOVED the "Land of the Little Old Ladies" set - it was perfect! :)

I loved getting to see Steve at intermission and was surprised to see Danny Stiles (from the previous night's "Full Monty") at the show as well. Art, who does the stage managing for lots of MTG and MW productions was in the audience with his lovely wife Tara too so that was a treat to see them as well. I stayed around after the show a bit, mainly to talk with Steve, but got to talk with David Engel instead - and I have to say, he's the nicest guy around! We were talking about Kevin and "Can-Can" when we got interrupted by a well wisher. It took a bit longer than I expected and I needed to head down to the Taper for Pippin so I said bye to everyone and made my way out the door. But before I left I heard someone call my name. It was David! He apologized for getting interrupted, and finished our talk - HOW SWEET is that?


And finally, more on Pippin in another post, but WOW!! I got to see Anthony go on for Troy as King Charles tonight!! AMAZING!!!

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!! HUGS!!

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