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Even more LA stuff... (Anthony as Charles & Pippin once more...)

Today was my three show day!! And what incredible shows they were! (But more about A Year with Frog & Toad and Noises Off a little later.) :)


I started off my day with the 1pm performance of Pippin. I didn't have a chance to mention it too much in my last post, but what a surprise it was to open my playbill last night to find an understudy slip announcing that Anthony would be playing the role of King Charles! Please don't get me wrong, I love Troy, but the chance to see Anthony in the role was just incredible luck, on my part. Sadly, not on the part of poor Troy, who I later found out from Anthony, had injured his leg (?) Not too sure,... all I know is that I was alarmed and asked if he was okay and Anthony said he was fine, but wouldn't be performing that weekend.

Anthony also told me that he learned the entire part in one day - which I thought was amazing because he did so well! Of course, I love Troy and he did make Charles VERY humorous and sort of sleazy in a very likable way... On Saturday night, Anthony was GREAT in the part, but I felt like he wasn't totally letting loose with the role. On Sunday afternoon, though he was much more in tune with the role and MUCH, MUCH funnier! I think he was terrific and I'm SO glad I got to see him in the role twice! :)

The dynamic between Dan Callaway and Anthony was a bit different than Dan and Troy. I noticed on Saturday that Anthony signs a little faster and with more purpose while Troy takes his time and really milks (in a really good way) the facial expressions and body language. Both are funny and great, but I think that accounted for the difference in how Dan voiced the role of Charles on Saturday. I noticed he did less of a "character" voice on Saturday night with Anthony.

The last two times that I saw the show, I spent more time watching Michael Arden... since, admittedly, my first time seeing the show, I focused solely on watching whoever was signing. Michael's voicing of Pippin was incredible and his facial expressions as he watched Ty sign were really a joy to watch. On Saturday night I was sitting in ROW C center so I got a GREAT view of Michael and I have to say, he is absolutely AMAZING!!

James Royce Edwards... was just hysterical all the times I'd seen the show. When I spoke with him after the show on Saturday night, I found out what an incredibly sweet person he was! He and I spoke for quite a while about the show and learning to sign (which he said was easy for the show because it was like learning choreography, but learning how to communicate with his fellow castmates was a challenge because they were ONLY taught the signs for the show) I guess that make sense, they didn't have a chance to teach them all grammar and conversational ASL... But James also said that during rehearsals they weren't allowed to speak without signing (which is a basic rule of courtesy anyway...) he said that they all had to pick it up themselves. He actually signs really well - he signed to Ty while he and a friend were talking and I was impressed with his ASL knowledge. :)

What a special show this was! Like I said in a previous post, my heart will always be attached to Sleeping Beauty Wakes, but this show really ended up growing on me... the music, even the story. I wouldn't mind purchasing the cast recording at all. But it saddens me that the thing that made the show so special was its visual beauty and that, I'll never be able to see again. :(

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