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On Saturday,...

...Mark & I are taking my Mom to the Big Island to visit my Grandmother for her 96th birthday! :) She has always been extremely sharp (and will remember things we promised to do last year and call us out on it) and though she's been living in an assisted living center for the past two years, prior to that she lived alone and used to run around chasing chickens out of her yard with a broomstick and carry burning hibachis around her garage. We've always said that she was probably going to outlive us all... :)

Here are a few photos of her with us in 2007 when we went to visit her for her 94th birthday, and last year when I visted her for my cousin's wedding in June. :) Please forgive the 2007 photo, I was about 15 pounds heavier then...:P

In 2007 when she turned 94!

In 2008 when we visited her for my cousin's wedding! :)

I can't wait to see her!! :)
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