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Got a catalog yesterday in the mail...

...for some Adult Ed classes at the CC near my house. I've been seriously considering taking some web design courses (which I know I REALLY need) and it seems like the perfect opportunity now - schedule wise (if money wasn't such a concern). On one hand, the money I'd spend would probably be a great investment, not only in a hobby that I've become quite interested in, but it could only help the people that I've created sites for... On the other hand, in my recent quest to pay off my credit cards, I'm wondering if spending money on something like this might not be such a good idea right now.

Mark had a bit of car trouble yesterday. :( As he was coming home he noticed that the car almost died several times when it was idle. He went to get it checked out, but it seemed fine when he got there. They sent him home and we still have no better idea of what's wrong with his car than before he took it in. :P I'm just hoping he doesn't get stalled somewhere. :(

My trip to LA in late August is really starting to come together. :) I'm using frequent flier miles so at least I have my flights already booked this time. :P I also have some passes to The Colony Theatre so I thought I'd use them on this trip to see "Toys In The Attic". :) It should just be wonderful to finally be away from my office for a while - I think I really need a vacation! :)

And lastly - Mark's gone on a new computer buying spree. His parents, not knowing what to get him for his birthday, have contributed money into his "get a new computer one day" fund. :) He's looking at possibly buying a new powerbook, but may just opt for an imac... I was talking to a co-worker the other day about it and he was a little surprised that Mark & I have separate computers... If he knew how much time each of us spent on our respective computers (and the fact that Mark hates PCs and I'm not a mac person) I think he'd understand. :)

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