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I'm glad the day is over...

Well, after having gotten just a few hours of restless sleep last night thinking about this whole thing and feeling semi-guilty for what was happening and spending the first part of my day with knots in my stomach, it ended rather well - or as well as could be expected.

My BIG boss came down in the afternoon and instead of telling "the other one" that they were being moved for bad reasons (in essence, really, it was as though my boss was "firing" this person), he put a positive spin on it and told "the other one" that there was a big plan to move all the assistants around and it wasn't a bad thing at all. He went on to tell "the other one" that the location they were being moved to was closer to where this person lived (which is true) and that it was a good thing that it was all happening this way. It turns out, after all was said and done, "the other one" was quite content with the whole thing - and quite positive about the whole move. I think it's great because it could be a positive thing for this person (if the right attitude is taken) and I'm glad that it was seen this way.

I still don't feel totally good about the whole thing - and I think my boss & I were being annoyingly nice to "the other one" for the rest of the day - because we still felt pretty guilty...

But the day is over and it didn't go as badly as I had expected... so that's nice in itself...
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