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My Saturday... in photos! :)

I had a VERY busy Saturday filled with wonderful friends, family, and even seeing a friend in a National Tour of a musical right here in Hawaii! :)

But instead of me typing out a ridiculously long entry, I thought I'd recap the day in photos instead. :)

My dear, DEAR friends from high school and I got together for brunch! It was at least 9 years since I've
seen them all! (L to R: Paula, Me, Lance, and Sjarif)

Paula & I met as flag girls in high school! She is now married to her high school sweetheart and is
pregnant with their first child (a girl, due in October!) :) It was SO nice to see her!!

Lance & I went to high school together, but we never met there... We met working at a local sporting goods
store (HONSPORT) in the mall shortly after high school. :) Lance is now an English teacher at our local
community college, married, and has an adorable 3 year old son. :)

Sjarif and I met in Journalism class in high school - we both worked for the school paper. :) He also used
to work with me at HONSPORT with Lance. :) Sjarif is currently an editor for the local paper and he's
married and has two adorable children. :)

The entire group of us!! What a great reunion!!

That evening, Mark & I took my Mom out to eat dinner at Hiroshi's
and to see the National Tour of "Mamma Mia" at the Blaisdell Center.

The dinner and the show was a belated Mother's Day gift for my Mom. :)

My Mom had never tried Hiroshi's before but had always heard us talk
about it - so we thought it was the perfect place to take her. :)

Mom had the braised short ribs (just like Mark) and I had the veggie pasta,
but the best thing about the evening was the chocolate ooooze cake that we
had for dessert... YUMMY!!

The show itself was cute... the best part was seeing my friend, Katy in the
ensemble! It's a shame that we didn't get to see her go on as Tanya or Rosie, though!

It was SUCH a wonderful day... filled with waaaaaaay too many calories, waaaaaaay too little time with good friends, and waaaaaaay wonderful memories with my Mom. :) Hope you're all having a blessed Sunday!! HUGS!!!

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