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A short recap of "BIG: The Musical" and "The Green Room"

On Sunday, Mark & I flew back to LA (yes, we were on a plane EVERY day this weekend... I was beginning to forget which city we were in...) ;) to see two final shows before we headed home.

I'd heard that Darrin had been cast as Susan in "BIG: The Musical" at El Centro Theatre and I was so glad I was able to see her in it! :) I have to say, although West Coast Ensemble is smaller in size than some other theatres I usually frequent,... their productions are always VERY high quality! I've seen "Zanna, Don't" there previously and have always been very impressed by their productions!

"BIG: The Musical" is no exception! Based on the movie starring Tom Hanks, the show follows 13 year old Josh on his journey to sudden adulthood after a wish he makes at a carnival comes true. Will Collyer is ADORABLE and very charming as the grown up Josh and is VERY convincing as a 13 year old trapped in an adult body. His singing is fabulous and he brought such a likability and cuteness to the role that it was hard not to be completely entranced by his portrayal. :) Darrin was GREAT as Susan, his adult love interest. :) She was hysterical in the role - especially when she stops to ask, "Where was I?" and proceeds to sing the entire song back in her head before finding her place again during a particularly cute scene. :)

It was SO great to see Darrin after the show - she was SO gracious and sweet and really appreciated that I came to see her. It was an all around WONDERFUL theatre experience and I'm so glad we saw it!! :)

After "BIG" we headed down to Hermosa Beach Playhouse to see "The Green Room" - which is a new musical about 4 college drama students. As Mr. Blackman explained in the curtain speech, the new era of musical writing is now upon us (the era AFTER "Rent") ;) in which younger writers are writing about theatre and their experiences in the industry...

The show is part of the Festival of New Musicals that runs in LA through the next couple of months. I enjoyed it, the cast was great... the songs were catchy and fun... my favorite being a song called "It's All About Me" which was VERY reminiscent of "Alto's Lament" which is my absolute favorite comedic song. :D

Add to that being able to see cahwyguy and his lovely family at the show and it had all the makings of a great theatre weekend. :)

Still need to update on the lovely day in Sacramento Mark & I spent with thunder_pants. :) Hope you are all having a nice week. :D

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