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Cooper's Advice on How to Beat the Summer Heat...

I did something VERY similar to this years ago with Sydney... but I asked Cooper to make a post about this as well... This weekend was unusually hot & humid and for such a fuzzy dog, I thought it would be nice for Cooper to give his own tips on staying cool this summer. :)

Some Cool Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!
or "How I Tricked Sheri in to Letting Me Update Again... :)"
-- by Cooper B. Dog

Of course, sitting in strategic areas around the house is always a MUST on hot days like today.
Sitting DIRECTLY in front of the fan and blocking the air to anyone siting nearby is a good
way to get cool...

...and a good way to get your fuzzy butt kicked off the couch... what's that about?? ;)
Haha!! I was just joking about blocking the air, you guys!! :D

Another strategic location is standing in front of the refridgerator... :)
The extra perk to this location is the HIGH possibility of falling goodies! YUM! :D

Really special goodies are a MUST on hot days like today. :)
Sheri doesn't let me eat popsicles, like she let Sydney... :( But she does
make these really cool ice water pops for me to lick when the weather's really hot. :)

These are my favorite! I'll actually sit in the kitchen and stare up at the freezer until Sheri
gives me another one! :D Begging works REALLY well in this house. ;)

Well, that's it for me... I'm going to try to beg for another ice pop...
Hope you all have a cool and relaxing summer!
It's Cooper and Maureen signing off for now...
(Yes, her name is Maureen... yes, it's a RENT reference, and yes, I know it's really ridiculous. ;P
But, I didn't name her... Blame Sheri) ;)
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