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Oh well, here goes nothing...

...Okay, my very first journal entry. In a way, it's a little unnerving since I tend to be a private sort of person - and I'm absolutely terrible at keeping a journal of any kind. :( One of my New Year's resolutions is to actually keep this thing up, though...

Had a Christmas dinner last night with my friend Susan, her fiancee, and my husband at a pretty good restaurant downtown. It was supposed to be a replacement for Mark (my hubby) and Susan's company Christmas party - which was on the same night, but they decided to boycott (they work at the same office and really hate their jobs!) We had a nice time - but I think halfway through dinner they both realized that what they should've done was go to the party anyway, score a free dinner from the company and maybe even some door prizes too...all they really ended up doing was saving their company some money...

Mark finally got out all his Christmas actually took him more time to complain to me that he had to do them, than for him to actually send them out. He's got a big procrastination problem...but then again, who doesn't? :) I have to say he's getting a little better about it though, after four years of marriage, he's finally discovered that it's easier to just do things than to have me upset because he hasn't done them... BTW, today marks the exact six year anniversary of us having met. :)

Things are slow on the internet front...with the holidays around the corner and people going out of town to visit family, etc. the message boards that I frequent have been slow, my website is getting about half the hits it usually does, and all my ebay auctions have about a day left on them... Maybe that's why I created this journal today, it was something to do online that didn't involve spending a lot of money. :)
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