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So, amazingly I was able to stay away from the internet today.

This is probably the very first year that I have been able to watch the Tony Awards NOT already knowing who won. It was hard, but I stayed away from message boards, FB, and even Twitter all day today... I have to say that it totally helped to enhance my enjoyment of the show - it was definitely more emotional for me.

Below are some of my disjointed thoughts as I watched the show...

  • I was SO happy that Gregory Jbara won!! The fact that he brought up his wife and was tearing during his speech when he was speaking to his children was very touching! He was AMAZING in Billy Elliot - I was a teary mess after seeing his performance - I'm SO glad he won the award!!

  • Karen Olivo looked absolutely stunning!! I totally cried my eyes out during her speech - after seeing her in the In The Heights documentary, I can't say how touching it was to see her achieve her dream!! SOOOO moving!! She gets my vote for "Most Touching Tony Speech" this year.

  • Although I'm sad that Thomas Sadoski didn't win for Best Leading Actor, I knew deep down that Geoffrey Rush would win... I was just thrilled that he was nominated. What I thought was cute was the mention of all the other nominees by Mr. Rush in his speech - very cute and very classy.

  • Also sad that reasons to be pretty didn't win for Best Play, :( but thankful that they were nominated. :) It was SUCH a special play that it was an honor to be in the audience to see it in April.

  • Loved when the whole tribe all ran on stage when Hair won Best Revival! :) LOVE them!! So glad I got to experience the show when I was in NY in April!! :)

  • I loved how Gavin "Wooooo-ed!" when the 3 Billys won. :) That was very cute!

  • And hell, yes! Billy Elliot winning Best Musical made my night!! :) What an amazing production it was!! They are SO deserving!!

Performances & Other things:
  • LOVED the opening number and the integration of all the shows and Hair's "Let the Sun Shine In" being the final number and them bringing Oliver Platt up from the audience to dance on stage... LOVED it!!

  • The Shrek number was surprising for their featured performance... I love that they performed "Freak Flag" for the opening, but "Welcome to Duloc" seemed like an odd choice for their featured number. I loved that Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, and Daniel Breaker were sitting in costume in the audience applauding the performance... VERY cute!

  • Wow! Katy and the touring company of Mamma Mia got to perform at the awards! What a GREAT surprise!! Notice how tanned they all looked? They just got through with their sit down in Hawaii - which is probably the reason for their nice tans. :) They even showed the Neal Blaisdell Center (our Hawaii theatre) in the montage of locations for the National Tour.

  • Will Swenson standing and dancing on Chris Sieber's seat (and Chris' reaction!) :) was one of the highlights of "Hair". :D

  • Love that number from Billy Elliot - but I wonder how they chose which Billy would get to perform? It was interesting for me to see Trent Kowalik because he was not the Billy that I saw - I saw Kiril Kulish when I saw the show back in January.

  • Neil Patrick Harris was a great host... I'd seen him host the Ovations two years in row... Guess he's moved on to bigger and better. ;)

  • Poor Titus Burgess' mic was crappy! :( Thank goodness he was given a hand-held... The General Cartwright was a little more outrageous than I've seen her in the show, but it was funny... :) Still not too much a fan of that particular production of Guys & Dolls, I have to say though... Sorry!

  • Neat Jersey Boys performance - nice to see the Frankies of all the various productions. :)


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