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A wonderful, albeit HUMID evening....

Tonight we went out to eat for Mark's birthday. :) Most guys, when asked where they want to go on their birthday would pick a nice fancy restaurant...not my Mark! He told me he wanted to eat barbecue at Dixie Grill... So that's exactly what we did! :) Mark completely enjoyed himself and feasted on a huge plate of ribs, chicken, etc. and had a ball trying out the six varieties of barbecue sauce that they brought to our table. :) The waiters and waitresses even came out with a brownie ala mode for dessert and sang him a little happy birthday song at our table. :) It was great. When he blew out the candle I asked him if he made a wish and he said, "I don't have to wish for anything - I already have everything I want." Aww...He's so sweet! :)

Tomorrow is his real birthday and he's meeting me at Cold Stone for some great ice cream after work. Should be a lot of fun - and then, on Tuesday my Mom and his parents are taking us out for dinner to celebrate his birthday - so I still have A LOT of eating ahead of me... :P July is apparently NOT the month for me to lose weight! :P

Lastly, it's HOT and HUMID beyond belief tonight! I know that it must be horrible when I can't wait for the weekend to be over so I can go back to work - just so I can sit in the air conditioned bank! :P All the fans in the house are on - I'm sitting here at my computer expending close to NO energy and I'm sweating... Blech! I've already taken a few showers today, but I think I'll need another one in a bit. :P We need an AC! :P
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