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So... I saw KINGS...

...and to avoid spoiling it for those who have yet to see it, I will put my thoughts under a cut (though I don't think there's any time zone left in which it hasn't already aired...) I'm... now understanding why no one told me about Michael being on this week's episode.

On a side note, before I spout my reactions to the episode, I have to say that KINGS is an absolutely AMAZING show - and of course, like all other amazing shows of substance, it'll be gone all too soon. :(

Damn. Just damn. My first thought was anger... anger at the writers for ruining my poor Joseph. WHY did they have him do something so stupid? WHY did they ruin his character so?

But then the story unfolded and that amazing scene occurred between Jack and Rose... and I finally understood. Jack admitted who he was for the very first time, AND admitted that he loved Joseph - all extremely lovely things... The fact, of course, that Joseph can no longer be in the show is unfortunate, but it was extremely necessary for the storyline to have evolved to that amazing scene above.

The one thing that does sadden me is that poor Michael only got three episodes. :(

But Michael-ness aside... Damn. Love the show... love that Jack showed his goodness by trying to make that trade at the end and eventually making that deal, love that it ended with Silas re-thinking all his loyalties... I'm looking forward to the next episode, but with only 4 episodes left, I'm unsure how it could possibly end without lots of questions being up in the air. Sad that none of them will ever be answered.

I can't say enough how much I love this show!

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