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The Wedding Singer at Diamond Head Theatre

So Mark & I went to see the last show of the season at Diamond Head Theatre. Sometime this past May we decided against renewing our subscription with them which had nothing at all to do with the theatre (almost everything that we've seen we've enjoyed) but with our busy schedules this past season we've seen about as many shows as we missed and when we talked about it,... it just didn't seem worth it.

Well, we went to see The Wedding Singer tonight and by intermission, we were asking the box office how we could belatedly renew our subscriptions for next season.... which should tell you how much we enjoyed the show! It was hilarious and Mark & I thoroughly enjoyed all the 80's humor. :)

The cast was great!! Aside from the wonderful leads (who I've not seen in other DHT shows before) there were a couple of stand-outs that I noticed. Justin-Patrick Hashimoto was INCREDIBLE as George - his dancing, his comedic timing, and just his on stage presence was incredible (I first took notice of Justin's talent when he played the Scarecrow in DHT's The Wizard of Oz in July of last year - I absolutely adored him in that show - he's SUCH a superb actor.) Judging by his bio, he's already taken his talent to NYC (which doesn't surprise me one bit!) where he's attending school. Thankfully he must be doing this production while he's home for the summer - which is very lucky for us! :) The second stand out was Chris Villasenor who was in the ensemble (but who I'd previously seen as Peter in DHT's Peter Pan in December of last year.) An amazing dancer, Chris caught my eye in this production because he reminded me SO MUCH of a younger David Burnham. WOW!

The entire cast was great, the show (which was fun and simple) was hysterical, the songs were pretty catchy, and the dance numbers were wonderfully choreographed. All in all a VERY good production. Mark & I loved it so much, that we're going to try to buy tickets to see it again before the run is over AND we've made the decision to try to belatedly renew our season tickets for next season as well. :) We just hope that no one took our really great seats that we've had for the past 4 years...

Hope you're all having a nice week! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!! :)

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