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More "Wedding Singer" at Diamond Head Theatre!

Mark & I went to see our second performance of The Wedding Singer at Diamond Head Theatre tonight. We saw it before - with our regular subscription seats a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it so much we had to buy tickets to see it again. :)

The show seemed a little more cohesive tonight as opposed to the first time we saw it a couple of weeks ago... the performances have gotten much more loose and were a lot funnier - but sadly this seemed to be a bad prop and wardrobe day for the cast. :( The curtain was CRAZY - almost as if it had a mind of its own... During the beginning of "Saturday Night", the curtain got stuck on the prop and was hiding a set of closet doors - the actress playing Holly looked a little taken aback and before she flung the curtain away... it was a good save. And at the curtain call, a few of the cast got stuck outside the curtain when it closed BEHIND them... :(

That aside, the cast was as terrific as they were when we saw them the first time. Justin-Patrick Hashimoto, a favorite of mine from the first performance - who portrayed the keyboard playing George - was VERY funny tonight even adding a little bit extra at the end of "George's Prayer". :) He truly has the charisma and that "something special" that makes extraordinary performers stand out. And his dancing... Good Lord. He's FANTASTIC!! He's SO talented - I think he definitely has a great career ahead of him as a musical theatre performer.

Chris Villasenor (who is in the ensemble) still reminds me an awful lot of David Burnham (in my icon photo, if you're wondering why I used it - David really has NOTHING more to do with this post than that...) ;) The man is like a rubber band... honestly, he's SUCH a talented dancer that during "Casualty of Love" you can't help but watch him - his talent really does stand out that much. Definitely interested in seeing him in future DHT productions.

Also on an extremely frivolous side note... YAY for more interaction between "George" and Chris' character in tonight's performance during "Saturday Night..." I won't elaborate since they're both young enough to be my... AHEM,... younger brothers..., but I'm not going to lie... it was HOT.

The "Linda" Caroline Lawo was excellent both times we saw the show. She has a great voice and is extremely funny and makes an impression even in the very short time she's on stage. Liked her "Note from Linda" more than Felicia Finley on the cast recording. :)

Not sure if tonight was closing (they extended,... which made it possible for us to see again) or if closing is tomorrow, but it's a fun show - very worth seeing. It's a great local production of a really cute show. :)

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