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"Life Could Be A Dream!"

Thank goodness for FF miles and for Hawaiian Airlines bringing back their red eye flights for the summer - without those two factors... I would not have been able to go on my theatre trip this weekend.

I saw two shows and Anthony and "Universal Signs" (which I will post about tomorrow...) but the main reason I went there was to see the newest Roger Bean show -- "Life Could Be A Dream" at the Hudson Mainstage. :)

Life Could Be A Dream

The show is a spin-off of sorts of The Marvelous Wonderettes -- since its established in MW that the girls get to perform at the prom when the lead Crab of the all male group the Crooning Crabcakes gets suspended for smoking. By just watching the Wonderettes, it sounds like the Crooning Crabcakes are a quartet, similar to the Wonderettes and that they are specific people... But seeing "Life Could Be A Dream" we realize that the Crooning Crabcakes seem like merely a name for Springfield High's all male Glee Club - or something. We find out there are generations of Crabcakes... so these characters are not necessarily tied to the specific girls in the Wonderettes.

What we do find, however, is that the main character Denny (played with so much charisma by Daniel Tatar) is actually Dennis Varney... Principal Varney's son. :) We can't tell for sure by seeing these two shows, but we can assume that these guys graduated in a later class than the Wonderette girls (possibly 5 years later or more...) judging by the 60's songs in the show.

Like all his shows, Roger gives his characters such warmth and humor... we grow to love them throughout the story - and although the songs are ones that we all know, it never seems like a jukebox musical. This show in particular, out of all the shows that I've seen of his (Wonderettes, Andrews Brothers, Winter Wonderettes, and this...) this show seems to be the strongest book musical.

The set is the basement of the Varney house - where Denny currently resides. Lots of care was taken with the set as I was examining the B&W photos from my seat at intermission (Spellman told me later that they were just random B&W photos, when I asked him about it) The shelves were cluttered with books, trophies, photos and some vintage 60's paraphernalia. Pretty amazing set!

The show was cute and funny, had SO much heart and the audience was totally roaring at the end (I don't want to give anything away, but I have to say that I thought the most hilarious bit was the "spotlight" thoughts of each guy at the end of the show... hysterical!!) I would definitely see the show again.

The AMAZING kindness of the creative team, love them SOOOO!!!

And I have to mention this because I adore the creative team SO SO MUCH - such lovely, lovely folks!!! I was so happy that I got the chance to see Roger before the show and he came and visited with me for a moment before the show began (because he said he wouldn't be there after the show to talk) I adore the man - he is the sweetest!! When I told him I came in primarily to see the show - he said, "Wow... that's a lot of pressure!" :) He's adorable!!

THEN... Spellman came up to me at intermission and asked me for the correct spelling of my name (which I thought was odd, but I gave it to him without asking why...) He came out moments later with a show poster, autographed by all the guys!!! I nearly cried! That was SOOOO sweet of him!! It meant SO much to me!! Then, he organized a group photo with the cast after the show - which was SO sweet of him!!

It was SOOO nice to see Daniel! He is one person who, no matter how many times I see him, I feel very at ease speaking and joking with him because he's got to be one of the nicest, most friendly, unassuming guys out there. I told him that I nearly died when he picked up a loose tile that the cast had been tripping on all evening and FLUNG it - frisbee style - into the Varney laundry room - very slyly and even made it look like part of the choreography. He laughed and said, "At least it made it into the laudry room and didn't take out a shelf or anything!" :D

Everyone was so wonderfully sweet and gracious! And they definitely made my first (because I will go back!) Life Could Be A Dream experience extremely wonderful!!

DOUG CARPENTER (Skip), and JESSICA KEENAN WYNN (Lois) - What an incredible cast!!

Spellman, Jim, Daniel, Jessica, Ryan, Doug, and David :)

With Daniel!! YAY! :)

With the multi-talented producer of the show - David! :)

Sorry this was so long, but it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me - theatre-wise in a while!! SOOOOO thankful to Spellman for his kindness!!

I just hopped off the plane at 9pm and have to wake up early for work tomorrow, but I will update later on seeing "Universal Signs" (FINALLY --- after waiting 2 years!) and seeing Anthony. :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend!! :) HUGS!!
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