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Amazing what a few days can do for my mood...

...not to mention some very nice emails. :) Been feeling much better about the whole work situation recently and after having a long talk with "the other one" the other day - I realized that the whole situation might be the best thing for everyone involved, but I still think I'll feel a little guilty about the whole thing - at least until "the other one" leaves...

In other happier news, I thought nothing could ever make me watch "General Hospital" again. I gave it up "cold turkey" about 2 years ago. Well, nothing, that is, until I got an email last night from Andrew (who acted with Kevin in "Side Show" last year). Apparently he says he was in Thursday's episode! :) Well, thanks for telling me too late, Andrew ;). It's a good thing I have SoapNet and can catch him on the marathon this weekend. :)

I really like Andrew - he's a really sweet guy, adorable, and very talented. Out of the entire ensemble, his voice stood out to me as one of the better ones. In a way, I feel a bit bad for him as there doesn't seem to be many stage parts for Asian actors - which kind of stinks to me... And as much as I like Kevin - I sometimes think he had it a bit easy (not that anything in show business, especially the theatre world, is really easy) but being that he has the "all American apple pie" look to him, he can play ANY leading man from any musical. I know Andrew's done the entire national tour run of "Miss Saigon" and a bunch of other stuff for East West Players - so he's done quite a bit...but I wish there were more opportunities in musical theatre for Asian men. I don't know, I guess I just want GREAT things for the "Side Show" cast since they've been more than sweet to me. :)
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