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Delicious Cupcakes from Crumbs!!

Okay,... this is a make up post for last weekend when I was staying in Glendale. :) I'd heard about Crumbs from my friend Melyssa on FB (I always give credit where credit is due...) and found one in Glendale - about 3 minutes from my hotel! :) Needless to say, I had to try it! (Also, Chad Brannon had Tweeted about it not too long ago, too...)

The shop itself was small and cute... nothing much to it except a HUGE glass case of cupcakes! There were SO many to choose from, that I stood there for at least a good 10 minutes trying to decide what I wanted. I finally decided on the cupcakes below...

But,... since my words won't do it justice, I had to take photos!

The store front of the Glendale location. It was in a nice upscale, outdoor shopping area!
The only thing that kind of sucked was the parking... :P

The vastness of the cupcake goodness. :) There was SO much to choose from!!

I decided on the Reeses cupcake, which was INCREDIBLE!! It was a chocolate cupcake filled
with peanut butter, buttercream frosting... with chocolate and peanut butter chips!! SOOO good!

I also picked up a brownie cupcake which was heavenly as well! It was a chocolate cupcake filled
with fudge with brownie chunks on the top. SOOOO delicious!! :)

I also tried the red velvet cupcake because I adore red velvet cake!! It was good, but not spectacular.
It was much better than any red velvet I've ever tasted, but in comparison to the others, it was sort
of standard. Damn good, but standard.

The last one I tried was the Devil Dog... which was a chocolate cupcake fllled with a light sweet cream
and a sweet cream frosting. It was good, but I think I enjoyed the first two a lot more.

These are the two that I plan to try the next time I'm in Glendale (in about two weeks...) :)
These look INCREDIBLE!!

I'm having a nice stay at home weekend attending a wedding, working on web work, and spending lovely time with Mark and the Coopie-face. :) Hope you all are having a nice weekend, too!! HUGS!
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