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I think I've officially turned into my hubby! :P

Lately, I've discovered that although I haven't been getting travel-stress, necessarily, I have been feeling the strange need to download EVERY single piece of crap that I can on my iPhone before I leave on one of my weekend trips! :P Apps, videos, songs.... :P It's just odd... Yesterday I was horrified to find that I was panicked because I didn't know if I would have time to download the new Facebook app update before I left for the airport today... And then it hit me,... I've officially turned into my hubby! :P

I'm leaving this evening after work... and heading back to LA (in what was supposed to have been a Daytime Emmy trip with some other business related stuff thrown in...) However, as it turns out, because of the way the Emmys are structured this year, it'll be more of a theatre trip for me. :) Which suits me just fine! :D

Here's what I'm seeing:

Saturday (mat): Life Could Be A Dream (again!)
Saturday (eve): Anita Bryant Died for Your Sins (I can't wait!!!! Heard SOOOO many good things about the production!!)
Sunday (mat): First Wives' Club (at Old Globe in San Diego)
Sunday (eve): Wicked (to see Kevin M!! YAY!!)

I will probably not bring my laptop with me again, but I will try to check email and the internet via my iPhone. :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend! :D

Oh, one last thing... since it is Emmy weekend -- GO VAN! :D
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