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"Life Could Be A Dream" - even more amazing the 2nd time!! :) :)

On Saturday, I spent the entire day and evening in Hollywood Theatre bliss… In the afternoon I went down to Hudson Mainstage to see “Life Could Be A Dream” for the second time and the show really does get better each time I see it!

Some things I noticed on Saturday that I LOVED:

  • The voice over on the radio does a “commercial” between scenes for a “Betsy’s” something or other (I can’t remember!) But, it was clearly Roger’s reference to Bets – because at the end the announcer says, “Come on down to Betsy’s where she’ll make you feel like a queen.” (Referencing Bets’ role as prom queen Suzy Simpson, I’m sure…) AWWWW!!!

  • Jim Holdridge is an excellent dancer! He acts like he can’t throughout the first act because he has to, but at the end, he’s very cute and you can see his dancing skills. I told him that after the show and he just laughed modestly and ask me if I saw him screw up – which I said I didn’t. He’s a very sweet guy and is HILARIOUS in the show.

  • There were no “tile mishaps” like the first time I saw it. But the bee antennae on the top of Ryan’s head did a funny backwards bob throughout all of the choreography in “Buzz Buzz Buzz”. I caught Daniel looking at it strangely,… I think it had a mind of its own that day.

  • Still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the “shoot, shoot, double shoot, triple shoot” interactions between Ryan and Jim – totally hysterical even the second time around.

  • I’m so lame that I didn’t realize that Jessica is (most likely) the voice of Denny’s Mom (I'm not 100% sure...) Realized belatedly that the intercom was never used when Lois was in the scene.

  • And by the same token,... I just noticed that David Engel is credited in the program as the voice of the radio personality Ronnie "Bulls-Eye" Miller - who does all the voice overs and the commercial mentioned above. :)

  • Each performance someone new wins me over… Daniel had me at the first number… I love his performance each time I see it so there was no need to win me over… He did that years ago in “Last 5 Years.” This performance it was Jim and Jessica… Jim because he’s so DAMN funny and his voice is incredible! Jessica because when she finished singing, I was done… She’s wonderful AND she has the best damn job in Hollywood right now. Are you kidding me? To have those 4 guys falling over her night after night? Can we say dream job? :D But she was wonderful!
Gotta say, as much as I love the Wonderettes, the characters in this show are VERY likable and it truly has become my favorite Roger Bean show. The good news is that it’s extended its run and I will be able to see it on my next trip to LA.

If my hair looks really BIG, it’s because Daniel was being rascal and dipped me
playfully before the photo was taken and caught me totally by surprise!
And I think it might be blurred because Doug was saying, "You evil, evil man!" AS he
was taking the photo. :D

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