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Catch up post: Cupcakes at Crumbs revisited!

Wow... this was quite a while ago! I was downloading some photos of Cooper when I realized that I never mentioned the wonderful cupcakes I ate during my (long ago!!) trip to LA (Aug 31st or so..) Wow... I would've just NOT done a post, but truthfully the cupcakes there are SO good that it would be a shame not to share just how delicious they were!

They have brownies now!! I didn't buy any, but this oreo cookies & cream one looked delicious!!

Didn't buy the cookie dough this time either, maybe next time, in NYC!

They also had a Fluffernutter that looked interesting that I didn't try as well. Next time. :)

What I did get was the Bryant Park: this was a chocolate cupcake that had a fudge filling
with sweet cream frosting and dark chocolate shavings! DELICIOUS... it may be my favorite there!

I also tried The Elvis since I hadn't seen it the last time I was there. :) It was a banana cupcake
with a light peanut butter flavored frosting. The first two bites were heavenly, then it became a bit
over-powering, even for a banana lover like myself.

The Artie Lange! It was a pretty standard vanilla cupcake, but it was filled & frosted with a
sweet cream AND chocolate frosting and had sprinkles around the edges. Having tasted all
the others, this was good, but pretty standard. Not sure if it'd be my first choice to get again...

The Baba Booey! This was to-die-for! This was a chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter & chocolate
frosting! With a peanut butter filling and peanuts around the edges. SO decadent!! I LOVED it! :)

So far my favorites have been: The Baba Booey, the Reeses' Peanut Butter Cup, and the Bryant Park. I'm planning on trying many others when I'm in NYC this coming weekend since the Crumbs there is right next to my hotel!! :) YAY for sweet gooey treats!! :)
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