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Because procrastination is something I do so well...

...I should be doing other things,... like sleeping, packing, etc... but I'm stealing this meme instead from ellixian. :)

My 10 musicals...

1. 1776
2. Spitfire Grill
3. Side Show
4. Assassins
5. Sleeping Beauty Wakes
6. Thrill Me
7. The Marvelous Wonderettes
8. A Chorus Line
9. Thoroughly Modern Millie
10. Pippin

How did you hear about 7? (The Marvelous Wonderettes)
I was speaking with Bets about it in Riverside after seeing her in "Evita" - not sure that's the first time I specifically heard about the show, but that was the first time I talked about it with anyone at any great length. I knew of the show long before speaking with Bets, though... I think the first time I'd seen or heard anything about the show was seeing the "stage door" photo that Stan took of the girls at Hermosa Beach in Eric Anderson's photo montage on his website.

Would 4 make a good movie? (Assassins)
I think it could, though there is just something ultimately special about being in the audience for this one! Not necessarily the broadway revival (sorry, NPH!) but one of my most amazing theatrical experiences is still seeing the 2003 Reprise one night only concert reading of the show. DAMN. Kevin as Booth, David Burnham as Hinckley, Harry Groener as Guiteau... could it get any more perfect than that? Well, actually it could... the audience that night was AMAZING, very knowledgeable about the piece and laughed in all the right places and APPRECIATED the work... which made the production INCREDIBLE. So, yes, I do think it could make a movie, but the experience I had at the Freud that night transcends any movie, no matter how well it's shot and directed.

What's your favorite song from 10? (Pippin)
Extraordinary. Too bad it was cut from the DWT / Mark Taper version I saw. :( I do LOVE "Corner of the Sky"... and recently I think it's become my favorite. :) I LOVE the way Michael sang it in the version I saw. How his voice catches during "..GOT to be where my spirit can run free" EVERY damn time (and in the BWW video he actually clutches his chest during this part.) SOOOO amazing! :)

Who's your favorite actor from the original cast of number 3? (Side Show)
Norm Lewis... without a doubt!! I ADORE the man! LOVE his voice on the cast recording when he yells, "NOTHING!!" in the middle of "You Should Be Loved." I also love the interview that I read of him where he (or Emily Skinner, can't remember who...) said that one night he took a breath in the wrong place and couldn't sustain the last note of "YOOOOOOOOU" in "You Should Be Loved" and there were several more bars of music left, so he ended up wailing, "Violet, oh Violet!" He's ADORABLE!

How many times have you seen 9? (Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Good Lord. Too many. Okay.... 13 times; 12 of them on Broadway and 10 of them with Kevin as Graydon. :)

Who's your favorite character from 2? (Spitfire Grill)
How could it be anyone but Percy Talbot? I remember being VERY saddened that Misty was not on the weekend I went to see her and Kevin in the show at Laguna Playhouse, but what I didn't know was that it would introduce me to the talents of Katy Blake (at that time she was credited as Kathryn Blake.) I liked her Percy because she was no nonsense... tough on the outside, but with a really soft heart (SHINE always makes me cry...) I loved Kim Huber's Shelby as well, but the character was a little too mousy thoughout the show... though I enjoyed watching her character grow. Such a beautiful show and SO under produced. I'd see this show anywhere.

What sort of merchandise do you have from 5? (Sleeping Beauty Wakes)
I bought the Groovelily CD of the show music - it wasn't the "cast recording" but I love it. The most valuable thing I gained from the show, though is an INCREDIBLE friend in Russell Harvard (who played the romantic male lead) :)

Is 8 by your favorite composer/lyricist? (A Chorus Line)
Hamlisch and Kleban,... sadly no. I have a few composers and lyricists that I adore and though I like Marvin Hamlisch and Ed Kleban (I loved "A Class Act!"), they're not my absolute favorite. I adore Richard Maltby and David Shire... I truly think that "Baby" was one of the best musicals (music-wise) ever written. I also love Brandon and Val from Groovelily, Kerrigan & Lowdermilk, and I also love William Finn. :)

Do you have a recording of every musical written by 1's composer? (1776)
I think this was the only musical that Sherman Edwards composed, though I could be wrong. So, I guess my answer is yes.

Could you recite all of the lyrics and dialogue from 6 by memory? (Thrill Me)
No, that would be scary! Not that there haven't been shows where this is possible for me (1776, Thoroughly Modern Millie... to name a few...) but this musical, though amazing, is very dark in nature. I loved Glasses / Lay Low, but this is not something I'd be singing merrily on my way to work... you know?

The first musical you ever saw live (or that you at least remember)?
A Chorus Line when I was 13 or so...

The first musical you saw on Broadway?
Embarrassingly enough, it was Beauty & the Beast in Oct of 2000... it was my first trip to NYC with my Mom and I thought she'd want to see a Disney musical.

The first musical you saw off-Broadway?
Embarrassing again, but I have to admit that I never truly discovered the joys of off-broadway musicals until recently (of course, now I adore them!) I think the first one I saw was "The Marvelous Wonderettes". If you're talking Regional Theatre that's different... It would be "1776" at Reprise in 2001.

The musical that got you into musical theatre?
A Chorus Line, definitely!!

Your favorite composer?
Maltby & Shire.

Your favorite musical from your favorite composer?
"BIG; the musical" was great...but with songs like "I Chose Right" and "What Could Be Better?" my LOVE for "Baby" has no bounds. :)

The musical with your favorite choreography?
For MUCH different reasons and different styles... In The Heights, because it was so dynamic. I also loved "Never Gonna Dance" when I saw it at MTW... Damn my first time seeing David Engel on stage - can that man dance!

Ever left a musical at intermission?
I almost did a VERY long time ago (I think I saw it in 2003 or so...) I was so offended that I would've left if there weren't only 12 people in the audience,... and I don't offend easily... I usually mention the name of this show in all my other mentions of it, but I was looking through some old playbills recently and found one for that show and was shocked to realize someone who became a friend of mine was in the cast (how did I not know this?) before I met and got to know her. Soooo... needless to say, I will no longer mention which musical this was... just that it was shockingly offensive.

Your all-time favorite song?
Can't decide between...
"Run Away With Me" (SOOOO gorgeous, especially Michael's amazing version!)
"I Chose Right" (SO beautiful!)
"Sailing" (How could I NOT love Norm Lewis singing a love song with Malcolm Getz?)

Your all-time favorite lyric?
SOOOO many... but the one that comes to mind...
"When you look out from your front porch to see the sun go down, another night has fallen on the street of your hometown. And all at once you understand that you are here to stay, with roots so deep into the earth they'll never fade away..."
When it's sung at the end by Hannah, I cry like a baby each time! Not because of the lyric, but what it means in the scheme of the show.

Your all-time favorite line of dialogue?
Not from a musical, does this count?
From "Anita Bryant Died For Your Sins" - In response to: "Boy, are you reading my mind?" Horace: "It was a quick skim!"

Are you one of those people who leave in the middle of a curtain call?
GOD NO. That's actually a pet peeve of mine!

You're given a chance to go back in time. The only catch is that all you can do is see a musical - any time, any where, any cast. As long as it actually happened.
Shoot. I'm not going to be profound and say great performances of the past with Broadway legends,... I'm thinking it would be a toss up between "Bare" with the Original off-broadway cast (Michael, John Hill, etc...) OR... that production of "Mama's Boys" that Kevin and his brothers did at the Lincolnshire when Kevin was 3 years old. ;) J/K, of course about "Mama's Boys." :)

How do you feel about the more recent trend of turning popular movies into musicals? (Ex: Shrek, Legally Blonde, Lion King, etc)
I agree with Shawne here... it definitely depends - to me it all in the content of the movie. A good example of a movie turning into a great musical is "Spitfire Grill."

Your opinion on jukebox musicals?
Love them if they're done well like Jersey Boys, Wonderettes, Life Could Be a Dream, etc.

Your favorite performance from this year's Tonys?
I liked the Jersey Boys performance this year - getting to see the various actors who play Frankie in all the productions was really great!

BTW, so excited to hear Michael is performing in the Standing Ovations concert on the 1st of November, just wish I was going to be in the area to see it!

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