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A short post from NY. :) (Okay, not so short...)

So, I arrived in NYC yesterday morning and despite my very little sleep (maybe 2 hours?) I was able to make it through the day relatively coherent without taking a major nap. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning with the mother of headaches and though I don't drink, it feels like what I would think a bad hangover is like.

Started off my day with my favorite fake duck wraps from Zen Palate (YUM!!) and a trip to the fashion district for some serious shopping! Found a few things that will add to the weight of my suitcase, but I think, clothes shopping - wise, for the trip, I'm pretty done. :) Wanted to get that out of the way first. :)

That night I headed to the August Wilson to see Jersey Boys. It was my 7th time seeing the show - but just the 3rd on Broadway - and much of the cast I hadn't seen before. Just my very short thoughts on the cast that I did manage to see.

  • Jarrod was out last night so I got to see Cory Grant as Frankie. So far, I've seen 5 actors in the role of Frankie: Chris Jones, Rick Faugno, Michael Longoria, Dominic Scaglione, and now Cory. My hope was to get to see Jarrod... maybe next time. I have to say that although Cory doesn't have the typical "Frankie" look, his voice was wonderful and acting was pretty strong. The only Frankie I've seen who doesn't turn away immediately during the Francine call before "Fallen Angel" - we can see his face for what feels like a long time as he's taking the call. He also does an angry "WHAT??!!" during the call, which I'd never seen before. I still think my favorite Frankie that I've seen so far is Chris - who does the call with more sadness and shock and less anger.

  • Got to see Dominic Nolfi as Tommy and though I liked him, I felt like he rushed through his lines a bit. I got the cockiness and the likability from him, but I have to say, Deven is and, I think always will be, my favorite Tommy because of the humor he brought to the role. And something about the phrasing Deven uses and his comedic timing is just unparalelled - Deven's "It's because you're paying us... Shit" in the recording studio is the funniest damn thing and I don't think anyone I've seen since has been able to get that reaction. One interesting thing is that during "Oh, What a Night," I noticed that Dominic refused to take a drag of the joint... wonder if that was a personal choice?

  • Sebastian Arcelus I've seen two other times as Bob Gaudio. I like him in the role, he's definitely grown on me since the first time I'd seen him. Still, my favorite Gaudio is Erich... Last night was the very first night that I detected what sounded like a Bostonian accent from Sebastian, during his "law of physics" monologue... which I don't think I've ever heard before.

  • Matt Bogart as Nick Massi was entirely different from any other portrayal that I had seen before. He spoke very slowly and gave Nick a more comic feel. His interpretation and Michael Ingersoll's are like night and day. Michael played Nick as an intelligent, somewhat eccentric person - whereas Matt's Nick was more like a huge disturbed teddy bear of a man. Very different - not bad, just different.

  • The audience that night was STRANGE! They laughed in ALL the wrong places, didn't applaud for very long after "Walk Like A Man," didn't applaud after Tommy's exit speech (I had to start it... dammit), and there was a guy behind me who actually sat there singing all the songs (which annoys me to no end!) When Nick speaks about his children and having them think he's their uncle, the audience errupted in (what I felt was) inappropriate laughter. WTH? I don't think that's EVER happened at any other performance I've been to.

All in all I enjoyed it though and it was nice to see an almost entirely different cast,... just wish I'd seen Jarrod. Hopefully next time!

Today I have a bunch of things lined up including getting to finally meet chelseafrew :), 2 NYC Fringe shows, Memphis WOOOO!, and God of Carnage. :) Have a nice Saturday, everyone! :)

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