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AMAZING Ice Cream in NYC!

So... on Monday, I did some exploring... mostly around Greenwich Village and found the little Cookie Shop I'd heard so much about... It's called Milk & Cookies and it's located in a small side street in Greenwich Village - if I didn't know to look for it, I would have totally passed it by!

It was a cute little shop that smelled of baking cookies (wonder what it would be like to have to work there with that smell all day long?? I'd be 5,000 pounds!) and had a variety of cookies, cookie mixes, and ice cream sandwiches to buy. :)

This was the "Overload" - dark chocolate ice cream between peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!
SOOOOO delicious!! :)

Outside "Milk & Cookies" - such a cute little shop! :)

I also bought a Moon Pie to take back with me... which is basically two chocolate cookies with vanilla filling. Really good!

And if you're on FB, you've seen this silly self-portrait I did of me
eating my ice cream sandwich! :)

Later that day (yes, it was the same day!) I went out in search of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. :) I'd heard about him from several friends and really wanted to try it. The gentleman who runs the truck, renamed it the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and serves WONDERFUL sundaes that have toppings that include sea salt, olive oil, etc. I went all the way down to Union Square to hunt down the truck. :)

I was so happy to find his truck!!

I ordered the Monday Sundae - which is a waffle cone, lined with nutella, with twist ice cream,
sprinkled with sea salt and topped with dulce de leche topping & whipped cream. SOOOO delicious!!

Here he is making my awesome, awesome creation!!!

I am SUCH a huge fan of his creations!! He even makes a chocolate ice cream sandwich with
bacon! (Which I couldn't eat, but Mark would just love!!!)

I have had TONS more wonderful eating here in NYC, but this one day was devoted to ice cream!! Seriously some of the best creations I have ever had!! :)
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