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Wow - I feel really internet deprived... :P

Yesterday I probably only spent a total of two hours on the internet all day. :O That's pretty unheard of for me - I usually spend two hours on the internet before I even leave for work in the morning! :P Unfortunately, yesterday I overslept by 2 hours because I failed to set my alarm clock the night before! Yikes! :O Luckily, I wasn't late for work, but I didn't have any time to spend on the internet :( - and so that made for a rather cranky morning.

Yesterday I also met Susan at a great Ramen place for our monthly dinner. :) It was so much fun to just sit with her and talk about our jobs, our men, and our frustrations (which usually encompasses the two.) ;) She's really fed up with her job (as is Mark) and wants to go back to school after getting married next year. We spent some time trying to decide what field she'd go into if she did decide to go back. She said that she would rather make a living making and selling some kind of craft or perhaps opening a doggie hotel. :) I know what I'd do - I'd take up web development in a heartbeat...

Speaking of jobs, Mark asked me today to look at the bank for possible openings. Apparently his (and Susan's) work place has gotten so bad recently that they're all looking for a way out. His work place is really dysfunctional and he's been talking about finding a way out for a long time now, but this is the first time he's ever seriously entertained the idea of leaving. I'll look tomorrow - hopefully there's some sort of non-customer related job opening available that he could apply for.

Got an invitation to a friend's wedding in Virginia in October. I'd really love it if Mark & I could make it, but with a conversion going on at work (we're changing our brokerage firm) and all the training classes that we're going to have to take and all the extra hours that we're going to have to put in, I'm not sure if I can take time off from work. :P I still have a month before the RSVP is due so we'll see...

On a completely different note, I just read this and I SO want Kevin to play Christian! He almost has to - after all, my other past favorites have both played the role (Paul Anthony Stewart and Chad Brannon), Kevin just needs to. :) Besides, it's being staged by the same people who brought "Big River" to life in LA so it should be spectacular! :)

And what I wouldn't give to go to this - "Bright Lights Big City" concert. :( To me, Norm Lewis has the second most beautiful voice that I have EVER heard (Yes, Kevin is the first) ;) and to think that he'd be performing - (and with Gavin Creel no less) makes me really sad that I don't live closer to NYC. :(
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