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My VERY quick impressions of NYMF shows I've seen... so far.

I really have to say that this year has been a fantastic season for the NYMF! I've gone to NYMF shows in the past and sadly sometimes they're hit or miss... but this year, I have yet to go to a show that wasn't absolutely wonderful!

Under Fire
  • Damn. LOVED this show - it was SO intense and dealt with my favorite subject - photojournalism ethics. As a former photojournalism major, this show completely intrigued me! It was set in El Mirador where a ruthless dictator leads and a small group of rebels fight for freedom. Jack Noseworthy played a US photojournalist, who must decide, in the heat of battle if he should "take sides" and ends up making an ethical decision that impacts the civil war around him. SOOO powerful and amazingly staged - using projection screens to show the audience what was being photographed. The cast was amazing - Jack Noseworthy was GREAT and who knew James DePaiva could sing? AMAZING PRODUCTION in every regard!
Marrying Meg
  • HYSTERICAL! I loved this show! I knew that I'd love this show from the moment Isaac Hurwitz did the curtain speech and the actors in character around him began looking at him oddly and offering him jugs of ale from the tavern. :) The story was funny, the music witty, and well written... the cast absolutely outstanding! Harris Doran (who I'd previously seen in "Love Jerry" at last year's festival) was great as Willie Scott, the man who must decide between marriage or death. The most interesting thing about this show was that when the actors were not "on stage" they went to sit behind the action (still on stage and still in view of the audience) and we could watch them watch the performance - which was VERY interesting to see. :)
Fantasy Football; The Musical?
  • This was funny, in more of the [tos] way. It was set in 1991 so a lot of the jokes in the show had to deal with that (e.g. The boss into his home phone "Who is this? I wish there was a way to know who was calling!") Lots of jokes that broke the 4th wall (e.g. since their sets consisted of two white boards in which they'd write the scene on - one of their lines was, "Our set budget was only $400!") I enjoyed the show, in much the same way I found [tos] funny. True, the show was a bit more crass in humor, and didn't have the same touching heart that [tos] had, but it was funny and enjoyable - and quite clever.
Fat Camp, The Musical
  • Lots of broadway folks at this performance... oddly enough Constantine M sat right next to me for the show and at the end when the cast threw candy, a surreal moment happened when he offered me the M&M's he just caught... I also saw Lindsay Mendez and Christina DeCicco from Wonderettes there. The show itself was funny, Carly Gibson was VERY funny (and an unplanned funny moment happened during a scene where she was "telling off" the main character... she hitched up her belt, which she hadn't planned to look like she was trying to intimidate him... she started laughing, the other actor started laughing and the audience went wild!)
R.R.R.E.D. The Secret Musical
  • HYSTERICAL! And what a surprise that Tovah Feldshuh should make a VERY funny cameo! Loved the creative nature of the show (basically we're in the audience of a secret meeting of the redheads). The show is pretty interactive and the actors speak directly to us. VERY funny and great performances by the leads - Katie Thompson and Patrick Livingston.

I've been VERY impressed by the shows this season in the festival... I haven't gone to one that I didn't think was great in its own way! Love the New York Musical Theatre Festival... it's the reason I plan my NY trip in September each year! :D

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