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So many ups and downs today... wise. :)

First of all, it was the Opening Night of Memphis - anyone who is following me on Twitter, I apologize for the influx of Memphis-related tweets today,... they'll go away, I just needed to get them out of my system! ;)

SOOOO happy and excited that the show received SUCH a warm reception! :)

ETA: Oh.My.Gosh. How adorable are Chad & Montego in this?? - SOOO much emotion!!!

Then came the reviews,... and while some were great:, and some were so-so: (though this one had NICE things to say about Chad - except that he reminded them of George W. Bush... WTF?) ;) some were pretty harsh: (though this one had nice things to say about the performances)

ETA: After reading all the reviews in this morning,... it seems there are only a couple of real harsh ones, UGH on USA Today... :P the rest are pretty favorable! HOCKADOO!) ;)

Amidst all of this, the Los Angeles Ovation Noms came out and lo and behold, "Life Could Be A Dream" was nominated for Best Musical in an Intimate Theatre!! YAY for David and Roger!!! ♥

Also, Nick was nominated for directing "Kiss of the Spider Woman" and Will Collyer was nominated for "BIG: The Musical" (I ABSOLUTELY adored his performance!!!) Jim Holdridge also was nominated for Best Featured Actor for "Life Could Be A Dream" and "Louis & Keely Live at the Sahara" was nominated for Best Musical.

Lots of great, great news today and also,... some so-so news as well. I'm hoping that the good reviews for Memphis will outshine the so-so ones and that people will make their own judgements when they go to see the show.
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