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First of all...

I should REALLY be doing web work... or packing, but Facebook & Twitter are SUCH procrastination enablers. :P I must've spent the last couple of hours fiddling around there instead of what I really SHOULD be doing.

But one good thing that came out of all this is that I found this: - the photos from Michael's BLUE concert! It was on the night I didn't go, but I LOVE these so much because it really gives you an idea of how cozy and personal the concert was (and what a nice venue it is!) :)

To make matters worse, I got my "Every Little Step" dvd in the mail today... and I haven't seen it since April... it's taking every ounce of restraint I have not to throw it into my computer's drive and call it a night right now...

On a different note, hubby is experiencing travel stress already. He took out his suitcase this morning and immediately noticed he was feeling anxious and on edge. I seriously love traveling with Mark, but it's times like these that I remember why we don't always travel together. ;) I'm joking, of course. :) Mark's travel stress is really endearing. :)

Finally, saw photos from the "Rockers on Broadway" concert,... but not sure that Chad attended. Does anyone know of anyone who went? Can't find a single photo of him from that night. :P

So, I'm off to try to actually get some web work done... :) Hope you're all having a nice week. HUGS!! :)
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