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Adventures in Food: The Grilled Cheese Truck!

Thanks to a suggestion from Mark, we decided to spend the day today tracking down the infamous LA Grilled Cheese Truck which was supposed to be located at the Brentwood Country Mart from noon to 2pm today.

We got there with lots of time to spare and was shocked by the LONG line that had already formed! We stood in line for about 1/2 hr and eventually was able to order our precious grilled cheese sandwiches. I ordered the Cheesy Mac Melt (which is actually a grilled cheese sandwich with mac & cheese & cheddar) -- SOO good! I also ordered a Dessert Sandwich (which is a grilled sandwich with roasted banana puree, nutella, and marshmellow).

But instead of me explaining them, I'd rather post pictures!!

What a great suggestion by Mark (who found out about the truck on Twitter! :)

With my 2 sandwiches after nearly an hour of standing in line.

My Cheesy Mac Melt (which has mac & cheese with cheddar!) SOOOOO good!

Tater Tots... which were SO delicious!!

It was an EXCELLENT combination! :)

The Dessert Sandwich - roasted banana puree, nutella, and marshmellows. YUM!!

So much more amazing food on this trip, but this post was a MUST! If you're in the LA area, go and seek out the Grilled Cheese Truck! It's amazing and they are such nice people! :)
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