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14 November 2009 @ 08:51 am
Meet Me In St. Louis (and running into the Winter Wonderettes!) :)  
Mark & I went down to Long Beach on Thursday night to see the Musical Theatre West production of Meet Me In St. Louis. I'd heard such great things about the production, and really... I haven't missed a MTW production in quite a while - so it was something that I really was looking forward to seeing.

The show itself was adorable! Grace Kaufman, who plays little Tootie was just adorable and her performance alone was worth seeing the show for! :) The thing about MTW productions that I always love is the slick, gorgeous feel of everything, the lighting, the sets, the costumes, the choreography... Truly a class act in every way. Of particular note was the ice skating scene (which, I forgot to ask Steve about,... but I wondered what kind of surface was used because it LOOKED like ice and the actors wore real ice skates and skated over the surface like it was ice, but I know it wasn't...) It was really such a visually stunning production!

Got the chance to speak with Steve - which I always love! It's been a while since I've really gotten the chance to talk with him - so this was really nice.

One of the nicest surprises was getting to see Bets, Misty, Julie, and Susannah (the Laguna cast of the Winter Wonderettes) in the audience that evening - in fact their seats were right in front of us! It was SOOO nice to see them all!! In particular it was lovely to see Julie, who I hadn't seen in maybe 3 years or so (I haven't seen her since MW closed in NoHo) She and I spoke about Lily and how she's getting into musical theatre (like mother like daughter!), Beckett and how he's 7 now (I remember when she told me she was pregnant with him!) She showed me some pictures of them on her phone and they're SO gorgeous! And really, Beckett looks exactly the same as the 6 month old baby photo of him she sent me 7 years ago, only older. SOOO cute!

Got to speak with Misty which is always lovely! She said she got home about two weeks ago and is exhausted. We spoke about NYC and Wonderettes. It was just so lovely to see her! And what a pleasure it was seeing Bets twice on this trip! :) I also was introduced to Susannah, who is very sweet (and who said she played Cindy Lou 6 years or so ago in Winter Wonderettes in Milwaukee). I think the cast of Winter Wonderettes is going to be spectacular!! I just wish I was able to go out and see it! :(

Didn't take any photos after the show. As I've said before... sometimes I feel like pulling out the camera treads the fine line of "fan/friend" and lots of times when I see folks AT shows (instead of IN shows) I don't want to bring out the camera, since I feel they deserve their privacy too. :)

I will be back with my posts about seeing Michael perform at Upright, The Andrews Brothers, PARADE, and seeing Bonnie & Clyde at La Jolla last night (I feel so far behind!) ;) Today Mark & I are seeing PARADE a second time and tonight we're seeing BARE! I'm SOOOO excited about that!!
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ellixian: Wonderettes | Adorkableellixian on November 14th, 2009 05:13 pm (UTC)
The actors used real ice skates?!? On a stage!? I'm interested to know how they managed that too. Geez. It sounds amazing.

And AWWWW for meeting the Winter Wonderettes girls in the audience, how absolutely lovely and coincidental is that! They all sound SO nice. I thought you were going to go for the show sometime in December? Did you have to change your plans? That's sad. :(
Sheri: Julie Jacksonshutterbug93 on November 14th, 2009 05:26 pm (UTC)
I know! It was amazing! They were real skates - and it looked like they were really skating! AMAZING! :)

It was such a coincidence that I managed to show up on the same night they did! And how funny was it that they sat in the row right in front of us?

And no... I can't make it to LA in December (though I bought tix to see it and to see RENT - I bought the 3 show MTW mini-subscription a while back for RENT, Sweeney in Feb, and 1776 in July). It's due to work... Darn it. :( VERY sad! Though Julie told me, "It's okay we'll probably be doing WW... somewhere every year." ;) Haha! :)

You'll enjoy it, though!! What a great cast!

Edited at 2009-11-14 05:27 pm (UTC)