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Today must've been...

...a full moon - I don't think I've ever seen our Operations Manager call the police so often in one day for so many people... It was an interesting day at work (to say the least). :P The first call was for a guy who had come into the bank and harassed our workers and customers before. He had gone up to my co-worker and asked her "Where can I find an escort service?" When she said she didn't know he said, "You don't? Aren't you one?" :[ Today he came into the bank wearing A PLASTIC TRASH BAG and a tank top and just walked around the bank staring down and unnerving all of our customers... :P The second call was for a guy who stood outside the bank door asking for money from customers who were exiting and getting belligerent and yelling at people when they didn't pay attention. :P I felt really sorry for all of our customers who were harassed today... The one place you should feel relatively safe in is a bank... :P Hopefully we've met our "bad customer" quota for the rest of the week! :P UGH! :P

I'm just about a week away from being in LA again... *SIGH* It's been way too long and I just feel like I need to get off this rock sometimes (I know that's horrible to say) - but I think I'm pretty due for a vacation. :) And it seems like it's been forever since I've seen my friends and heard Kevin sing...

Tomorrow night we're taking Mark's parents out to dinner for their anniversary. It should be a lot of fun but a lot of calories (we're going to ANOTHER buffet!) :P I had hoped that after Mark's birthday, the eating would slow down, but it doesn't look like it has. :P The one thing that amazes me (and irritates me a little) is how Mark can eat anything he wants, not work out and not gain weight and I can just smell food and I gain 5 pounds... It just doesn't seem fair! ;)
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