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In keeping with a holiday tradition...

"A Very Fuzzy Christmas" Cooper B. Dog :)

In keeping with a Christmas tradition, Cooper has taken over the LJ duties for today and is re-capping our morning at the in-laws as seen through his fuzzy eyes. :)

We got to the in-laws bright and early and while everyone sat around eating I went around
looking and sniffing through all the gift bags... If they weren't going to share their food,
I was at least going to look for my own fun! At least one of these had to be for me! ;)

And whadda you know? One of them was for me!! I got a cute furry hedgehog from the in-laws!!

Yeah... Sheri thought it was funny... but I wasn't so amused by her holiday accessorizing... ;)

I did, however, love the puppy pads from the in-laws! They know me SO well! :D

I heard Sheri say I that was her greatest gift this Christmas. :) I think that this photo is taking
it a little too far, though. ;) Oh dear... (Sheri's note: But Christmas is just not complete
without a "doggie in the bag" Christmas photo...)

Well, we're off to go to Sheri's Mom's house for Round 2 of the Christmas festivities!!
From my family to yours: wishing you the most wonderful holiday season!
May your Christmas be memorable (and extremely fuzzy, of course!!)

Big fuzzy holiday HUGS to everyone!!!! ♥ ♥
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