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Please tune in to "Then we got HELP!"

Because Kevin & Julie are so talented, are dear friends, and because their webseries is truly AMAZING!

Here's Episode 1:

Love that Nicholas Rodriguez, Alan Campbell, & Jessica Rush are in these! They've just finished posting Episode 3 last night, but it's completely addicting.

Couple things I can't help notice (and I love!):

  • In the final scene with Julie, you can see a framed photo of Baxter behind her on the bookshelf... LOVE! ♥
  • LOVE that Julie wrote Kevin's character as a country music writer (which he basically is!)

    Please support Kevin & Julie, all! They are fabulously talented and this web series is terrific, well-written, and SOOOO realistic!! Everyone knows at least one of these characters in RL. Thanks in advance!!
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