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Several things to start off the New Year...

My apologies up front, I usually LJ cut ALL my entries, but I couldn't bring myself to hide the Wonderette love in this entry... sorry! My one and only time, I promise!!

  • Finally got my act together and planned the eating as well as theatre portions of my upcoming trip to NYC with my Mom in a couple of weeks. We're eating at a bunch of Japanese restaurants... all pretty ironic since we see Japanese food places almost everywhere we go here, but I think she'll enjoy the ones I've picked out - which seem to offer things we can't get here... and really, for my Mom, the trip is all about the food, less so about the theatre. :)

  • Speaking of which, we're seeing a bunch of things I thought she'd enjoy: Billy Elliot, A View From the Bridge (Santino Fontana!!!), MEMPHIS (which, okay... is more for me than for her...) ;), A Little Night Music, Finian's Rainbow (on the night before closing!), and As You Like It. BOO for finding out about Ragtime's closing since the news came out the day AFTER I had purchased tickets for that weekend. :(

  • Speaking of MEMPHIS, I finally added some things to the Chad Site. The cast has been so busy lately promoting the show and has been on everything from the Today Show, to The View, to NY1 and GMA, I haven't been able to keep up with them. All the publicity seems to thankfully be paying off though, as they were SOLD OUT the last three shows before the end of the year. HOCK-A-DAMN-DOO!

  • Also, on the subject of theatre, tonight a show that is very dear to my heart closed off-Broadway... The Marvelous Wonderettes which played at the Westside Theatre since September of 2008 (click for my teary reaction the first time I saw it in NYC!) and in NoHo for 1 1/2 years before that... Sad because of the all lovely people I knew who helped to breathe life into this beautiful show: David, Roger, Bets, Kim, Beth, Julie, Kirsten, Misty, Tami, Lowe, Leslie... everyone who made my 14 viewings throughout the past 3 years SO incredibly memorable. SOOO sad that it closed, but SOOOO thankful for all the wonderful memories and SOOOO proud of them for the amazing run they've had in both NY and LA! :) ♥

    Left: The first time I saw the show in NoHo - Oct 2006
    Right: The last time I saw it in NoHo - April 2008

    Left: The day I saw 2 Wonder-studies (Lowe & Tami) - July 2007
    Right: The last time I saw the original Off-Broadway cast - + Misty :) - April 2009

  • Wow... sorry... this kind of turned into a Wonderette love fest... Sorry. I should probably end this here... Looking through pictures to choose the ones I wanted to post reminded what amazing experiences I've had with the show. Thanks to everyone for putting up with my sappy entry and for listening to me babble on about the show for the past three years! ♥
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