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Thanks BroadwaySD! :)

For joining their mobile program, they gave me an iTunes code with 12 broadway songs...

America - West Side Story
Anything Can Happen - Mary Poppins
Electricity - Billy Elliot
Good Morning Starshine - Hair
Happy Holiday / Let Yourself Go - White Christmas
He Lives In You (Reprise) - Lion King
Here I Go Again - Rock of Ages
Honey Bun - South Pacific
Legally Blonde - Legally Blonde
Masquerade / Why So Silent - Phantom
Together Again - Young Frankenstein
96,000 - In The Heights

Not bad... Especially for free! :D

In other theatre news, apparently, Santino Fontana has suffered a concussion during a performance of "A View From the Bridge" and will be out of a few performances due to doctor's orders. :( Poor thing!! :( Of course, my MAIN concern is for the poor man's health, but can I just say that I hope he's feeling much better by next weekend? I would really love to see his performance... I feel like such a horrible person for EVEN thinking that... :P

Speaking of NYC, Mom and I leave on Tuesday... and once again I feel like the trip has snuck up on me! It never fails, but work ALWAYS seems to have some kind of major crisis going on right when I'm about to leave. :P I never really leave anything undone or leave big things pending, but I always feel SO guilty for leaving work... and if I don't feel guilty, BIG boss will remedy that for me by constantly adding, "You're leaving me!" in every other sentence for the few days preceding my last day of work. :P

Checked the Billy rotation to see who might possibly be on next week Sunday night. I'd love for my Mom to see either Trent or Alex... but we'll see. I can't imagine having SUCH amazing luck twice in a row. Just thankful that I caught Trent back in September. :)

Finally, I have "Memphis Lives In Me" playing on an infinite loop on iTunes as I'm typing this and I have a question for the folks who have heard the cast recording AND have seen the show. Does Chad ease up on his accent for the cast recording? It sounds like CHAD singing "Memphis Lives In Me" on the cast recording instead of Huey. He's doing the accent in all the other songs - "Music of My Soul," "Crazy Little Huey," etc. But "Memphis Lives In Me," at least on the cast recording, sounds like he's dropped the accent. Anyone else think so?

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!! I'm off to tackle more web work...
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