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WONDERFUL 1st day in NYC & MEMPHIS for the 5th time!

So, we're here in NYC and Mom and I are loving it! We started off the trip taking a short subway ride to Union Square where we looked at the offerings of the open market down there, bought a few apple cider donuts, ate lunch at the very healthy and vegetarian Souen Organic Ramen shop, and bought a couple of Crumbs cupcakes to take back with us. :)

That night, I introduced her to MEMPHIS!

Oh. My. Word. I'd forgotten just how much I adored the talent in the cast!! UN-freaking-believable!! I hadn't seen the show since the first and second week of previews and there were a few changes made to the show that I noticed.

  • The "Love Will Stand" reprise scene happens in Felicia's dressing room instead of in Huey's apartment. Which I like MUCH more because it's much more immediate & it leads pretty well into Huey's actions in the next scene (you can almost understand why he does it...)

  • Also the dialog between the two is VERY different in this scene... they took out the "So... you sleeping with him now?" and the slap. I'm undecided about which I prefer... I do like that they've made Huey an all around nicer person so you feel more for him at the end, but I have to say that I LOVED Chad in that scene before the change. A great moment of acting was lost when they took that out...

  • The "shitty booth" scene is SOOOO different! One superficial thing that I do like about it is when Chad says my favorite line, "Okay! That's enough..." when Felicia's talking about her fiancee - he's facing house right (and I ALWAYS buy seats on the right side of the house...) so I have a perfect view of that scene!!

  • Added some exposition in the "shitty booth scene" to make up for the 4 missed years. Added a great line about Felicia's driver being Huey's one radio listener! LOVED the delivery of that line!

  • And all around, Chad seems to have let up on his accent a bit since previews. I swear, his accent was much, MUCH stronger, especially the first time I saw the show back in September.

  • Chad has gotten SOOOO thin! He must've lost a good 25 pounds since previews and bulked up on the muscle... he looks fabulous!! And it's not so noticeable until (oddly enough) we see him in his all green outfit in Act2. At least that's when I first notice it. He looked great before, but now... Good Lord.

Live Theatre - Gotta love it!

One thing that did happen last night was that there were some sound problems and Chad's mic went out just before he began singing "Memphis Lives In Me." He did an OUTSTANDING job of belting and being heard without a mic, until they actually made an announcement over the loud-speaker that they were going to stop the show because of sound problems and that they would start the number again.

The curtain came down and a few minutes later came back up and Chad began the song again to deafening applause. What a truly amazing moment... he was able to get right back in to it and sang the song like I'd never heard him sing it. When he done, the applause was deafening. Chad is such a professional and handled the moment SO well. In a way, I was glad to be in the audience to see that moment... that's the thing I love most about live theatre... anything can (and sometimes does) happen.

Seeing the show again after a few months break really has me appreciating Chad's performance. In particular, his acting. The moment that still breaks my heart is the end when he's watching Felicia sing... the love, the sadness, the regret, and the admiration are all conveyed SO WELL in just his expression alone. I remember catching his expression in that moment by accident the first time I saw the show and that was actually the moment that made me cry... Chad is phenomenal. Just. Phenomenal.

After the show

My Mom LOVED the show. As we were leaving she told me that it was (by far) one of the best shows she'd seen... EVER. And for her, that's quite a compliment. We stayed a bit after the show and got to see Charlie (who is THE SWEETEST, cutest person ever!) We talked about "All Shook Up" and how I didn't know that he was so close to Bets and Steve. He's such a cute and sweet person... I adore him!

Montego was just radiant at the stage door and remembered me from the last time I was there. She couldn't be more gracious or more lovely.

Got to see and speak with Chad for a while which was lovely! Introduced him to my Mom and he was WONDERFUL with her (she's become a huge fan of his!) We spoke about the 100th performance, the sound incident in the show, the website, etc... He is clearly one of THE warmest, nicest, most lovely people I have met in the cast. I know I keep saying this, but I have such sincere admiration and respect for the man, I can't even tell you!

Today Mom & I went walking and shopping around Greenwich Village and are seeing "A Little Night Music" tonight. :) Should be another fun day in the city. HOCKADOO!
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