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A Little Night Music

On Thursday night, Mom & I went to see A Little Night Music at the Cort Theatre. Having made my show plans SO far in advance, I didn't realize that Thursday night was the 100th performance of MEMPHIS and though I would've loved to be in the audience for that performance, Mom & I ended up at the Cort Theatre instead.

I'm a little biased about ALNM since I've seen probably the two BEST Henrik & Petras ever in a South Coast Rep production of ALNM a couple of years ago... This Henrik (Hunter Ryan Herdlicka) was cute and good in the role, but... for me, no one could beat Kevin Odekirk's Henrik! Kevin had SUCH a beautiful voice, had that pure innocent quality in his portrayal, and had the incredible comedic timing to make Henrik one of the most likable and the funniest characters in the show. And in this production, Leigh Ann Larkin was a beautiful Petra, but, honestly, no one could ever beat Misty Cotton's Petra for me... Misty's "Miller's Son" was probably the most powerful that I'd ever heard! So, I couldn't quite get into those two characters...

Catherine Zeta Jones was surprisingly funny in the role. Her sarcastic and gruff delivery of her lines made me enjoy her performance MUCH more than I expected to. And Angela Lansbury... that woman is a comedic genius! Her comedic timing is SO superb that she didn't even get the chance to finish a few of her lines and the audience was already rolling. If nothing else, her performance was worth my trip to the Cort Theatre that night.

Missed Aaron Lazar as he was out that night. :( Sad because I'd wanted to see him as the pompous Carl-Magnus mainly to see how he was with comedy. Previously I'd only seen him in Light in the Piazza and A Tale of Two Cities, not exactly material in which he could showcase his comedic skills. Has anyone else seen Aaron as Carl-Magnus? How was he?

As You Like It

On Friday night Mom & I took a trek to Brooklyn to see Thomas Sadoski in As You Like It at BAM. Having seen and loved Thomas from reasons to be pretty (the show that still holds a very special place in my heart) I was thrilled that he'd be in a show while my Mom & I were in town. :)

The show itself was good - it was possibly the third or fourth performance and the show was still in previews. Some of the fight scenes looked a little hesitant (though it was choreographed VERY well). The cast was great, but there's something about Thomas' on stage presence that is so appealing. His role was not the biggest, but he had LOTS of great scenes... whenever he was onstage he was just very compelling to watch. Of course, the role and the material didn't give him the opportunity to shine like reasons to be pretty, but he was still wonderful.

And he was such a kind and sweet person!! Just very humble and SO lovely to meet after the show.

A View From the Bridge

On Saturday my Mom and I saw A View From the Bridge, which, quite honestly I was so saddened by the fact that Santino Fontana would NOT be on as Rodolpho, that we almost didn't go to the show. But thank goodness we did because it was one of the BEST shows of the trip! Liev Schreiber was EXCELLENT as Eddie - in fact, it was his performance that initially drew me into the show. Of course, I LOVE Jessica Hect SO much! She was TERRIFIC as Bea... and what a change from her Brighton Beach Memoirs role!

Morgan Spector was a good Rodolpho, but... OMG... Santino would have been INCREDIBLE in the role! It was SO made for him. But I have nothing but respect and admiration for Mr. Fontana - as he was the one who conceded the role to his understudy, knowing that he would not be well enough to go on until after opening night. What class, huh? And I know I've been blabbering about it for a while, but Mr. Fontana suffered a concussion on stage during the New Year's week of performances. I recognized the scene immediately, too... it was one in which Liev Scheiber's character jumps Rodolpho and pushes him down on a table... apparently Mr. Fontana hit his head on the table during the evening's performance and suffered a concussion. :( I feel awful for him as it's an amazing production for him to have been a part of, but admire his selflessness in giving up the role to his understudy.

The show itself was incredibly staged and the cast, as a whole was terrific. Seriously, it was really one of the best shows we saw all weekend. SO glad that we went. :)

BTW, my 1st post about MEMPHIS is here, if anyone is interested...

Few more shows to write about - Finian's Rainbow, MEMPHIS (for the 2nd time that trip!), and Billy Elliot, but I think I should probably get some sleep before I'm a complete zombie tomorrow at work. I thank any of you who have been putting up with my theatre entries. :) Hope you all had a nice weekend! :)

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