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A Few Things...

...just came home from a great baby shower for a dear friend and co-worker. It seems that everyone I know is pregnant and due within the next few months!! LOVED seeing her, though and I'm SO happy and excited for her. :)

  • All packed and ready for my short (no vacation) trip to LA tomorrow night... I leave after work, am seeing David Burnham in Ordinary Days at SCR, and then tick, tick...BOOM! at the Empire Theatre (which is truly one of my favorite shows... saw an excellent production of it at the Coronet a few years ago with Andrew Samonsky and Tami Tappan Damiano)

  • Apparently, Chad called out of the evening show tonight as Bryan went on for him again. Hope he's better and back in the show again soon, but glad that he's getting some much needed rest - really,... nine shows last week? When he's onstage about 98% of the 2 1/2 hours? Crazy! Wonder if they'll alternate and have Brad Bass take a show or two as well if Chad is out much longer? I'm kind of interested in seeing Brad's interpretation of the role - but really, it's no secret that Chad's performance is the reason I keep going back to the show.

  • Just realized yesterday that my watch was still on East Coast time! Really, I think I keep the same hours no matter what time zone I'm in so I find it strange when people ask me if I've recovered from jet lag... The only thing is that at 8:30 in the morning, I'm walking around my office STARVED! My brain is thinking, "It's lunchtime dammit!" ;)

  • Can't do a food post just yet because I've been too exhausted to crop and upload my photos... Hopefully I'll be able to do it soon, though because the food on this last trip was IN-freaking-credible!!

  • Some GREAT theatre news... Hunter Foster was cast in Million Dollar Quartet!! As if I wasn't excited enough as it was to see the show! It's kind of in keeping with my tradition, since I think this past Jan trip was the ONLY time I was in NYC and DIDN'T get to see Hunter in anything (previously... Dust, Happiness, etc.) :) SO excited!! :)

Hope you all have a nice weekend!! ♥
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